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End of the updater - My pov on the topic

By SirPercedal - MEMBER - October 14, 2019, 21:07:20

Hello, Im Percy and today would like to say what I think about the information that appear on our luncher feed info

So I have terrible expiriance with New Ankama Luncher. Every time new patch is deployed on live version it weight 2gb+ even if it's small patch that have one or two fixes and everybody just update it withing a second.
But this is not the worst part, the worst part is that every time for major or minor update download of patch crash luncher and force me to download again. My record is 7 downloads that were stopped on 90-99% of download.
I tried to use it when it came out and it was terrible. I tried to use it for 1.63 and 1.64. All the time the same mistakes, despite deleting everything associated with ankama games and reinstalation.
The worst problem is that even if Ill contact ankama support I wont get any usefull information like it tend to be in all the years of my history with Ankama games. Things like asking me for logs for the 3rd time and asking to explain problem again even if I attached everything in opening topic, then closing case without explanation of the problem happened not only to me. But tbh to vast majority of my friends who found any bug in game.
Bc of that Im truly terrified to hear about removing old luncher and I would highly suggest not doing it, bc Im not the only one who expirianced so many problem with new luncher.
Thanks for your time!
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First Ankama intervention

Hi guys,

Thank you for the feedback! You can find the technical requirements here. For further information and discussions about the launcher, you can find them here.


See message in context
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im not a hater i just want to focus on the facts :

1-they love you beg
2-they wont change their schedule for the community, they act aside community read the tou is their game their rules and who play or not dont seem important to them.
3-is programmed obsolecence inteded to make this game heavier ,so they reject if  you dont fit the new hardware /software needs to run this game
4-they still dont get that :when you came out with a big word like update ...means also solve the older problems
5-if you are not french then you are in the backsit

i hope really they worked hard on this launcher to be more kindly with all players  , i hope they worked hard on new launcher to simplify game size too  and i really hope someday you can play this game from a phone or tablet not a gamer pc 

to Flaptops , hi , it is possible some dev be more specific on what we have to be ready for?

i mean new  hardware/software  specs for run the game properly

...yes like a technical table of the requirements  new launcher will need so we know if we need to trash our pcs to buy newer ones in order to get ready ....

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Hi guys,

Thank you for the feedback! You can find the technical requirements here. For further information and discussions about the launcher, you can find them here.


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Totally agree, I only play Wakfu and only for Wakfu, why I need to download everything not related else that I will not going to use or play? Wakfu is already grinding then enough after, don't spite try lure me to another game. The Love and Loyal to Wakfu is crazy~ Other Ankama game? next century please...

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Hello guys,

To answer as well questions about WAKFU in Steam, you can still use Steam as a launcher. It will be patched and you just need to follow the instructions provided. There might be a chance that you need to reinstall, hope that won't be the case though. Your progress will also remain intact!


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But do our accounts still be linked after this update?

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Yet again, great job. I put download of AnkamaLauncher Wakfu today, apparently Launcher crashed mid-download process (1.55/1.89 GB ) tho launcher is so terribly made that it wont allow me to continue instalation xD

Btw if we're talking about that

I know wakfu team is not responsible for the work of ankama launcher, but u can send the note to them and tell that this project is a joke. Launcher is not ready for transition of users, cos vast majority of them have problems all the time. It's bugged, it's not working, it crash during instalations and patches. It's hot mess. Looks like tommorow I wont be able to play wakfu at all.
And everything bc some silly yet another company launcher project.
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Edit. Finally! After 4 tries I was able to donwload the game. I see my future doomed with every other update CCC:

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Where are the instructions in order to keep using Steam?

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I believe they are the standard procedures with which steam is used (download etc)

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I wish this change was optional and not forced, this launcher really screws up everything for me.

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Honestly the new launcher works way better then the old launcher for me, but I hope they fix the problems you guys are having with it

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I totally agree...
The New Launcher is the most unstable one and, even if I like it a lot, it's not ready to be the only launcher available.

I also made a post here:
about one of the problems I find when using it. (And I'm using it since the release date, so I found many other problems too)

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Hi guys,

We'll be closing this thread. For additional feedback kindly post them here for easier tracking.