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Ridiculous Rarity of Environmental Mob Blueprints

By Tiefoone#2485 - MEMBER - October 14, 2019, 11:11:36
The blueprints I speak of have a 1/10000 droprate from environmental mobs, such as this one. Because their droprate is so incredibly low, and since environmental mobs have no other meaningful rewards when killed en masse, these are never for sale on the market, and attempting to hunt them down yourself is a Sisyphean task. Even if someone else has them, they don't necessarily check the forum, and they probably aren't in one of the Discord servers or something that I use, so there is no way for me to find them.

The gear locked behind these blueprints is nigh unobtainable, dropping them yourself is a task for fools and madmen, and you have about as much chance of coming across someone with one as you do of dropping one. Why does this gear even exist if it's so hard to obtain even for a player with endgame characters?
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I had a similar situation this week.

Tried to hunt Paradoxical epaulettes Blueprint from xelorium and kali enviro mobs and i can say i spent unreasonable amount of time trying to get it as i could not farm the bosses.

Needless to say that i went for another piece of equip in its place.
If someone reads this, don't bother doing the same.

Please implement those drops as achievement rewards for completing  enviromental quests similar to hazieff helmet but a simple version of it.
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The blueprints you are referring to have considerably higher drop rates than the ones mentioned in the original post. They aren't the problem. If you still need a blueprint for paradoxicals, I have it learned. If you have materials, you're welcome to come and craft them in my haven bag.
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I think there is already a topic about this problem... No official answer... maybe in the French forum sad
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Yes, same here, it is a grinding jobs towards infinity...Hunt this and this for weeks but never drop a single piece, wonder if do it really in drop table? Only get Gemlin Stone Fragment a few time meh...

In environment Race, it is insane in time that you need rush find those mobs spawn across the whole map region and make sure you kill it for the drop in time. For Solo, yes you need basically win 5 score for the kill, then you can keep fight the remaining. For Collaboration, it is never been done cause you never had enough time, though still can fight as much as you can. For Horde and Invasion, forget it that if you manage win 1 or 2 is already good but the drop is never in luck :[ 
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The reasoning behind the low droprates was to encourage players to seek out other crafters, but unfortunately a system to improve that has yet to be implemented
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You want Imperial Puddly Hat? I got the blueprint. Gather the mats and I craft it for you.

Add me on Discord
hiseldisel #5137
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Could you double check that? Tried adding you but I'm being told it's not a valid Discord ID.
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Posted the question in the french forum.
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