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I can't attack anything without penalty

By Rodolforaizer - MEMBER - October 05, 2019, 18:36:46

so I tried to play again today, and was not allowed to kill any mob anywhere, I thought it was because there were few, so I planted until I started to get a penalty for planting them .. and guess what, I still got a penalty for killing them . Can someone explain to me what is going on or should I just give up trying to play anyway?

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Looking at your picture, I think the law "Brutal" is activated (even if I can't really read that language), which is a possible decrease of citizen points, if you loose the fight. You can still do the fight, just don't loose and you have no disadvantage. The sign is just showing you the possible CP decrease.

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is the killing restriction truly on every map?

if yes like the previous poster posted brutal is probably in action by the governor of yar nation

if no then its probably just the protected spiecises laws set by the governor or the ecologist.

you can chek what laws are active in your nation by pressing N and selecting laws

p.s if you get fed up by the laws of your ingame nation i suggest you try contact your gov and ask so he can change em or if that is fruitless endover you can go to astrub and bosowl to make you neutral (if you are neutral most laws wont affect you but you cant take part in pvp) when you become neutral you can choose a new nation from the board next to owl

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