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Dark, darker, yet darker...

By Elio-Centrique#4228 - MEMBER - October 01, 2019, 16:50:24

"Dark, darker, yet darker. The sky keeps darkening."
Astrub villagers seem worried. Unusual events have been appearing on the World of Twelves for a few days.
I can hear someone agitated shouting:
"Noxtra Damus predicted it! The end of the world! It's the end of the world!".
"Heh. Who believes these sort of stories told by a Xelor smashed with bamboo milk?" , is what I’m thinking.
I go to the center of the city, between the Zaap and Brutas's Statue. Adventurers come here usually to have some fun... with their big swords.
While leaning on a wooden box, I wait for a friend, watching some battles around me.
Suddently, I see a flying paper in front of me. Without realising anything, I feel attracted to it. I need to catch it.
I grab it with my hand. What a mistake! Its edges were full of mud.
After cleaning my hand on an Osamodas cape who was passing by, I decide to take a look at this peculiar paper.

"Fq aqw vjkpm aqw ctg vjg dguv cfxgpvwtgt?
Fq aqw tgcnna vjkpm vjcv dgcvkpi c ftciqp qt c nqxgna iktn kpukfg c tkpi ku c hgcv?
Ngv og ncwij.
Uqnxg oa gpkiocu, cpf K yknn tgyctf aqw.

"What's this? It doesn’t mean anything!"
I flip the paper. Something else was written on the back:

"C̵͈̊a̶̎́e̸̎̍s̷̜͒a̵̧̾r̸͒͆ ̸́̚2̴͔̃"

Sigh. "Looks like it's an enigma. I love enigmas !"

And you? Will you find the key to this mystery?

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First Ankama intervention

What could it be? ph34r

See message in context
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What could it be? ph34r

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The fun begins! I love it

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the link says expired tho,the one you get out of the 'enigma'
-nvm it works

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Does Elio-Centrique work for ankama now?

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Ahah no (not yet?), i just create some events and Ankama helps me to prepare and communicate about them

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not now Gaster

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Can people from other coutries access the link?
I'm having a trouble with the link, and maybe it is my IP...
Can someone confirm with me if its only for people from US and UK...?

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it should work with every country, but only remington server IG is concerned.
However check your link, they are uppercase characters and lowercase characters.

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I think need use code secret caesar

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I dont think that osa was very happy

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