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Hit a Nerve Achievement

By T1gerator - MEMBER - August 31, 2019, 12:01:13

so. i totally want the factory worker costume but the caveat is that i need to complete the achievement "Hit a Nerve". 

is there any way to know which guard requires which treatment just by looking? is there a way to complete this that isn't luck-reliant?

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In my experience, if they want a bribe, the first guard will want a small bribe, the second will want a medium bribe and third one will want a large bribe.

But if you don't exit via the exit door but instead exit the whole slums area, the guards reset, so you can try as many times as you want

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In my Ecaflip experience, cheating is better. tongue

"Hire" somebody to enter the dungeon with you, but not joining the combats. You try an option, if it fails, well, your hireling will carry some KenKOs with them. Then, repeat until you get all the right choices.

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Idk what was the problem, but this tactic didn't work in my case

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ooh! thank you for the tips!

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