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The Enchanting System FEEDBACK:

By RynthZero - MEMBER - August 31, 2019, 05:43:08
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1000 views in this post, congratulations!
But Ankama won't do anything still so.. Hope you get black forest cake!

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well it's like anything else in life, better do something than doing nothing at all.

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See this guy? This blue and white mass murder has killed and eaten 12 of his kind, all in an attempt to gain a SINGLE SLOT, and gained nothing, what you see was the base roll. I have basically deleted 12 Royal Cwab Capes and gotten absolutely nothing.

Rolling for colors is fine, I can live with that, since I only aim for 3 of the slots I want, but the potential for this many of an item to get deleted in the pursuit of a single damned slot is just disgusting. If this was an endgame item this would be the better part of 100 million kamas worth of items deleted for no gain whatsoever.
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Recently returned to the game to check if the rune revamp is as "okay/doable" as I've heard about it from some players. And wow, as smbd who rolled nearly all items as 1 slot (even epic with relic) I can definitely agree with all the critique here, this RNG is a huge disappointment. I'll have to either fight a hard battle of rerolling ad nauseum all items I have till get better results (if lucky) or just stick with my crap till I get endgame gear to roll it ad nauseum instead.

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The most ridiculous part of this enchantment system is that players have to accept their playing time and effort turns into "nothing."
No matter how much time you have spent for your gears or farming, you lost everything you have done with just one clicking.

Everyone has plans until they contact with the real situation.

I respect everyone's effort of playing this game and farming stuffs, however, to be honest, boasting of gettting 4 slotted lv 150ish gears are just nothing.
There are huge gap of drop rates and rarities between high level gears and low level ones.

At this moment, I don't know if there's someone remember that ankama once announced that they guarantee at least 2 slots for gears obtained before 1.64 releasing - however - they couldn't make it due to "technical limitation."

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"technical limitations" 
aka "I don't wanna" find solutions, not excuses anakama.

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Why Ankama don't remove this feature ?

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I was thinking about coming back to wakfu and then this happened.... Sorry ankama, I'll pass.

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Yeah... this system needs a hotfix, and fast.

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