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Did I just win the wakfu lottery? also noob clarification.

By Damion13 - MEMBER - August 28, 2019, 18:30:30

Thanks everyone who has welcomed me as an old n00b. I actually created an account about 3 years ago, played a few weeks with a friend and then life got crazy. Didn't log back in until a few days ago.

 I remembered some game play aspects like my beloved Rogue firewall, you will be missed, but not much else. So thanks again for the help, it looks like the game changed substantially.

All this to ask another question. I have these 'krosmaster' figurines. Did some searching. They seem to be an item no longer available in the game and some guy had a post selling them for like 7 million Kamas per figurine. Is that really their Kama market value?

Thanks ag

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the firewall was removed and changed with an active spell "powder wall" that deal alot more dmg and ignore armor but well u have to cast it to activate it about the figurines theres no way they will cost that much they cost alot less like 50 000 k or something like that 

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The figurines are just trolls..
They used to be dropable but have since been removed which makes then """rare""" but they are basically useless and therefore worthless..

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Score : 333 what you're saying is I'm not rich.

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Well you are rich if someone buys them for their value of "useless but super rare item".

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