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Where do you find the karma from selling conversion stone?

By roycolonel - MEMBER - August 12, 2019, 03:38:24

I put my conversion stone up for sale the other day. After a few days, i logged back in and found that it's no longer on the sell list so i assumed it has been sold. But i cannot find where to recieve the karma from selling it. I tried checking the gift icon but it's not there. So where can i find the karma from selling conversion stone? Or if my conversion stone hadnt been sold at all, why cant i find it anywhere?

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You can access them from the rewards windows. Press [Shift+R] In game to access the rewards window. There you can find it. - Have Fun

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You can get karma by doing good actions like helping an old lady cross the road or- OH YOU MEAN KAMA! My bad..

And yeah, like the guy above just explained..

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