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Why did you remove the in-game clock, but then make a quest that requires a certain time of day?

By cody5 - MEMBER - July 15, 2019, 01:18:22

I mean why did you remove the clock in the first place? I kinda miss it now.

This is in relation to the Pandalucia quest Road to hell is paved with good intentions, where you need to visit the statue after dark.

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There is still 2 hours as day and night in game I think?

So may be just wait 2 hours later do continue the quest. 

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If you type /time it still displays the time

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simply turn on game log chat and type /time, the chat will tell you the hour and date or the server (which means the time in the World of Twelve)

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Yes but the SERVER TIME DOES NOT CORRESPOND TO THE SERVER TIME ever since they removed the clock, so that doesn't help at all

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can't you, like

look at the game and see whether it's light or dark?

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Yeah but I can't really tell if it's getting dark or getting light or when it will be night relative to now

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