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Considering a return but have a few questions

By Kahyne - MEMBER - July 14, 2019, 05:25:29

So, before I make up my mind and commit to the grind I was hoping the community would be willing to shed some light on a few things I have been wondering since reinstalling and logging into the game.

1. I notice that a great deal of the items in my inventory are now "old items". I am guessing this has to do with what I was reading regarding certain enemies being removed from the game, so my first question is: is there any point to keeping these items for future re-implementation or are they just junk now?

2. Much of my gear is now marked with a question mark. I am hesitant to move/equip/unequip any of it as I am not entirely certain what this is about. Any additional information on this would be appreciated.

3. Despite all the talk in the devblog about making capitals a big deal by centralizing craft stations, markets, etc. I still don't really see anyone in Bonta's capital. Has Nox's population dried up?

4. In relation to #3, I have seen some mention of a server merge around, is that an official plan or is it just speculation?

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Welcome back to these troubled and confusing time.

1. There was a massive update which turned nations and replaced and reordered dungeons and introduced new mobs and gears across wakfu. The same removed quite a bit of the old mobs and dungeons as well, and this is what caused you to have those old items in your inventory, They are now straight up collectors items or gears which can be very costly depending if they have any use case which cannot to replaced by the current new gears. And since your junk might be something else for someone else there is no clear cut answer to that. But you got the idea i think.
More on it here :

2. The question marks over your gears are a part of the new update (1.64) which removed the rune & smithmagic system and introduced the system on enchantments. It's a bit to explain, and i think it would be better if you check out the devblog about it. here :

3. Well Nox is.. you know how the saying goes. Don't want to stress on that part there.

4. Server merge is a something which is planned and is believed to be on the way, It might take quite some time for that to happen as it seems, but the wakfu team is working on that one update at a time. I think i would only expect a merge by 2020~21 atm. And this is to make the dying populations of servers nox and phaeris to be merged into Remington. At this point, I don't know if there are other plans in action, but would like to say. Don't worry about it. It will happen (Some day)

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Don't give him false hope.

Ankama is notorious for starting something and either leaving it half-baked, or never finishing it. Server merge is definitely one of those things. They don't want to deal with:

  • Character slots merge
  • Character names: who gets precedence?
  • Guilds disbanding: all that effort gone
  • Haven Worlds: same deal, bye resources and effort
  • World economy discrepancies
  • Item transfers: what could go wrong? /s

They announced server merge at the beginning of 2017. It's almost 2020. It is NOT a priority for them. Don't hold your breath. 
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Thank you for your reply and the links you provided. The information on the items and gear were quite helpful. Additionally, you have helped me decide that I am going to attempt to start over on Remington. It's a bit unfortunate that all of my resources on Nox (particularly the items that are no longer obtainable) are going to be stuck there until the merge, but I guess that's how things go.

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Good idea, starting anew is a good way to start with all new changes, in a way you will enjoy the game biggrin

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