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I cannot put up with this enchantment mess

By DaemonHammer - MEMBER - July 13, 2019, 06:14:43

Hello all,

I'm totally aware this is one more thread about what other players have said before me. I'm aware too that Ankama is not gonna do anything nor take any action to improve the situation. But I have to say this... I cannot put up with this mess.

Enchantment system is unfair and is not easir than the previous smithmagic system. But the worst part is that it is a system which generates a lot of frustration to the players. You can put all your effort trying to achieve a better build for your chars. But when it all relies on pure RNG, all your hopes can go away as easy as one double clic.

There's nothing left when you get your hard-to-get stuff and sacrifice it for 5 rerolls and you hear this awful 'fail sound' when you don't get more sockets. Or even when you go bananas when you cannot get even some useful (for your chars) combination of shapes.

For 2 two whole days I've been trying this new system; and I have managed to craft 4 Ectonic Amulet. A grand total of 20 rerolls and 5 identifications (if we take into account the original one). A huge amount of resources and time for only 3 sockets and not even the right combination I wanted to.

In the 1.63 I would've sold those amulets for about 20MK... So technically I've wasted that amount of kamas for nothing special. This is very frustrating. And I think this is not my cup of tea so I'm sure I'm not gonna spend more time paying and playing for this kind of 'game' and what finally it has ended up being. It's not funny anymore. Not for me. I don't have the time and resources to be farming for days only to get nothing.

I don't know what the dev team was thinking when they planned this update. But I'm sure they thought little to nothing about the consequences and the impact in either the players, the market and the game itself.

Well, I don't really care anymore. I'm gonna use my spare time to connect, talk and catch up with my mates... if that. But I don't think I want to play this game again as I used to. It has no sense to me or... at least, I don't feel the same as before. Something has been broken inside of me.

Bye nee!!

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I'm sorry about that. But yeah, the game feels like a job atm. You wont get any progress unless you are really dedicated and loves to grind. 

Casual players like me will take forever just to get a decent equipment. I guess chatting with anyone or meeting new people are the only good things we can do in this game, which is not that bad at least.

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yeah, because the games enemies are to damn hard to even fight
Pve is a nightmare, the mobs are so overpowered and unbalanced
like Scarador the Scara dungeon boss/Scaramel the melty
Why does every boss have to be so insane to fight? 

Each of his minions gives him 5000 resistance, and he resummons them instantly
the blue ones give off a constant aura that drops a landmine per hit
the orange ones heal and do damage and pull you

just trying to run around and do dungeons, and seeing all the bs mechanics
and how overpowered every single boss or non boss enemy is

they need to fix it to be more accessible, its one reason people quit.
besides the grind for xp, up to like a billion 

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Sorry to agree, but the sockets not having equal chances to appear makes it not worth to try to go for 4 sockets. Yet worse if you aim for certain colors and have to re-roll again. I've wasted 10 consecutive rolls for staying at 3 sockets, and it felt like a kick to the nuts. The odds (sockets, color) should be officially stated somewhere, by the way.

I'm doing a "lvl200 cheapskate set" by gathering just white and some scattered green items. And man, it's becoming frustrating, unrewarding, tedious... no matter if I get the items from market, drops or crafting, I feel I'm wasting time and resources specially when re-rolling socket numbers. Even with white items, it's awful. I never felt like this when gathering items. Looks like the way to go will always be only 3 sockets, no sublimations, and I'll consider if I go for the colors for the bonuses. It's like a bad gambling addiction.

I had great expectatives on this, but after personally starting to get into it, I'm starting to dislike it. I feel I'm continously playing expensive "scratch-'n-win" cards and not winning at all. (Not to mention that I seem to have the 1-socket curse when identifying my old non-white items.) I enjoy some little gambling stuff from time to time, but not like this is right now.

"No prize again. Try again. Lose again."
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i agree how frustrating this can be but .. when looking at other way around .. the gear became easier to make them work a little Very hard to make them perfect .. for example casual players that never runed their gear got them selfs a great deal .. but tbh both systems are not perfect nor their fair to an extent . for example at 170 cost me 500 kk to get  4 elemental resistance . calculating the  cost will make it almost as i got every item 2-3 times just to make it that good . the new system is flawed with uncertainty . while the old system recuired u  to keep the putting massive kamas in it to give results . this one can give u results with no investements or can it ruin all ur investements  .. before this casual players will never get to finish any late game dungeons .i cant say i dislike the new system but with all its flaws i still think its more fair to players that realy just play the game to relax and never after excellence . and i do hope u get ur will to play back smile we all get liek that after big updates

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"What were they THINKING?!" - AVGN
Is the best quote to summarize all this mess.. People have been asking for the rune system to be revamped because it was expensive for new to mid-level players to use, a simple solution to this would be just to remove the kama requirement on upgrading / placing runes, that was all we wanted but Ankama, as usual, had to screw it all up, again.. It's like giving directions to a senile grandma with Alzheimers..

This new system is AWFUL beyond belief!! I despise RNG with all my might!! Boy, I sure do love to work very hard to upgrade those nice equipments to Legendary grade just to it to come with ONE SINGLE RUNE SLOT!! Thanks, Ankama!! Very cool!!!

I am just waiting for Ankama to, maybe, just maybe, realize this was a TERRIBLE IDEA and either fix this RNG crap or roll it back to what it was.. If past my subscription this doesn't "get fixed" I will quit as well.. I ain't gonna work my bum off FOR A CHANCE of getting a gear with a good number os rune slots + the correct runes I want..

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All my level 200 equipment got 1 slot, including my dear ogrest wrath. I could not feel less motivated to roll the dice and sacrifice sets just for a chance of getting something better...

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While it was officially stated 1 slot gear is about as strong as the old gear when maxed, the odds of getting 1 slot on all your gear is astronomical, since it's about 25% chance per item

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Give it some time and don't overstress over 1 item.
The system is fairly new. Over time it will generate items with 3-4 slots that will be put in circulation in markets. Atm its a mess and it need couple of months to really take off.

The system certainly need some polish but its a good system in a long run.
Most of my gear is 1-2 sockets but I still prefer this to previous

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Siu should swallow his ego and just listen to the communitieS. His system is a failure on Wakfu (the steps), you can't just copy it from other game and paste it expecting it to work just fine like in any other game

It is a bad thing for Wakfu, how else does he want us to say it so he can get it on his head?

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Which steps?

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Exactly, what i hate most is that i need the exact same item to upgrade my gear
so if the item is a rare Ultimate Boss 0.01% drop. than yay for me and my 0-1 slot epic/legendary
i already tested out the +colors and +slots enchants on lesser gear, and get 0 results
it just adds charges or something. but no extra slots
so i could fight a ub boss, get his super rare gear to drop, and trash it to try and buff my own
for nothing to happen. great, since if the gear is worth 3,000,000 kamas. then what a waste

They need to fix the way it works by allowing same gear types to bolster gear types
but require it to be within the same level range. 
like if you had a lv200 relic. you would need a 185-200 relic of the same type
Helmet for helmet, chest for chest, instead of just the same item entirely. 

it would be a bit better ,but beyond that is the shards, most gear gives 0.2 shards or something
so you need about 5 of an item to get 1 shard, but past a point, you need 365+ shards per item
365+ shards to even get a 4 slot items shards all to 6 or 7. and you have 10 pieces of gear
and 5 characters, that all need their stuff runed. [18,250 shards or 91,250 items need shattered]

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That's the main problem, the identical piece to be sacrificed. For low level chars, it can easily provide 4 sockets of the desired color. But for endgame stuff, it's a punishment.

They should have considered the re-rolling stones idea, like those transmutations for changing random elements based on equipment level/tier. That way they could have used something like "1 re-roll stone for adding 5 charges to a green item or 10 to a white item", "4 stones for an orange one", "16 for a yellow or souvenir", "32 for an epic"... But the current way is very much a high "all this work for nothing" chance, thing that we had never had before. The odds are against us.

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I'm supposed to be coming back and finish my work in equips, but after seeing the update I completely got demotivated. Grinding till your heart's content ain't a thing now. 

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All the big players from Phaeris are leaving now...

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good to have known you !! fare well mate !

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Haha... I'm not gonna go too far mate. I keep playing... a bit... almost... laugh.

But it was hard enough for me getting an Endgame build (actually two variants) for my sacrier. I even thought to make some PvP more actively... but well... 1.63 it's over and 1.64 is here to put through its paces to all the players so love it or hate it, I suppose.

Actually, I don't really hate 1.64 but this RNG is too much for me. Right now I'm doing other things in-game as I don't care too much getting all my stuff to be 'perfect'. Not any longer. Not even with - at least - 3 sockets and a bunch of sublimations. That's not for me, at least at this moment. I do know my limits and place.

This also means that I don't need anymore a BP. It only remains an Adventurer BP I had some time ago (I used to buy a Hero BP) and it is running out.

Bye nee!!

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I just tried this new enchantment system: Rolled/Identified 5 Suliks, the first 4 Suliks that I rolled had just 1 slot, and the last and final Sulik had 3 slots. So in essence, I basically sacrificed 4 Suliks (20m kamas) just to get the 5th Sulik that I wanted. Are you serious Ankama? Games should be a DEFINITE rewarding when you actually spent alot of time, grind hard to get the items that you want. With your new bullshit system, now players who work extremely hard grinding for their gears have to GAMBLE all that hard work, and Ankama, do you understand how FRUSTRATING it is when you spent like weeks trying to get an item, when you finally get it, you identify it and see that it ends up with only 1 slot?

Do you know how demoralising that feeling is, to realise that at the end ALL your hard work went to waste and you're stuck with 2 options: either you use that 1 slot item you grinded weeks for, or you spend another few weeks grinding for the same item to GAMBLE for an increase in number of slots which ISN'T EVEN A GUARANTEED INCREASE? 

Please Ankama... rework this new system of yours, for the sake of everyone who's still loyal enough to stay with your game... please, for the sake of everyone. 

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I mean I get the pain of rolling a 1 slot relic (just rolled a 1 slot Cornpop yesterday), but why did you sacrifice 4 suliks? did you need 20 rerolls just to get 3 slots and the colours you wanted? Or did you spend all 20 rerolls trying to get a 4 slot?
Because IMO it's not really worth trying to get a 4slot, because there's only a 5% chance per roll.

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One update of my "cheapskate set" experiment... All items are level 171 or higher, white and green only.


  • Crafted an item after getting all the required materials either with drops or bought. 1 socket.
  • Re-rolled a 2 sockets item using all 5 charges. Ended with 2 sockets.
  • Burnt some kamas getting (white) items from market. Sacrificed 3 items and consumed 15 charges attemping to get an item from 3 sockets to 4. Ended with 3 sockets. A quick ragequit took place here.
  • Deciding if sacrificing an item for re-rolling sockets or 'mashing it to shards. Ran the risk with the re-rolling. No 4 sockets.

Most rewarding moments:
  • Got 4 sockets on a small part of the set items I needed.
  • Got the desired colors in one of those 4 sockets items.

  • Having to get 3 or 5 items in order to get the desired socket/colors is not being appealing at all. For lower level chars it makes it really helpful to get some mid-long term equipment, but for endgame it's a real punishment.
  • Can't imagine that with yellow, souvenirs or epics and relics.
  • I guess I'm developing an unhealthy gambling addiction due to this socket re-rolling. I'm sacrificing time, kamas and items for a chance to play, which most of times results in a loss.
  • If getting 1 item was very hard sometimes, having to get 3 or 4 of the same now when the 1-socket curse strikes, makes it 3 or 4 times worse.
  • I've suffered some ragequits from time to time with bad dungeon runs or deadend combats, but never with equipment stuff as I do now. Doing things for literally nothing is not appealing for anyone.
  • I'm starting to think that it's better to stick to 3 sockets with any kind of post-green item, and only attemp to rely on 4 socket for white and greens. Even with the customization chances now, one needs at least 3 sockets to get more than what the old runes system provided. This is highly unfriendly toward the "optimal" HC player, which happens to be a large part of the playerbase in most of equipment relaying games.

I guess that's all for now...
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Dude it's really not worth rolling for 4 unless the item is cheap, because the chane of getting a 4 is 5% per roll, so 20 rolls on average.
A good 3 slot is way easier to get.
PS: a 2 runed item is actually sightly stronger then the old runes

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TheRogueCat|2019-07-26 01:46:14
Regardless of all of these, a game is for enjoying it. When a game is starting to cause this kind of feelings, it's going in the wrong way. Now those gambling games can lead to a zero reward event, which is fatal for keeping the user in a good mood. When a player puts effort into getting something, has to get at least something in return, even if it is a minimal boost. But getting zero, and zero, and zero again, is not something an user wants for their time in a game. That's the point.

I mean, is that that much different then running a dungeon and not dropping anything good?

TheRogueCat|2019-07-26 15:45:29
Well, it's different because even in a crappy dungeon run I get some materials as drops and guaranteed tokens at the end. At least it's something. But the sacrifice and re-roll can literally give nothing in return, there the problem. I hate doing things for nothing, and nothing is exactly what I get with some sacrificed items.

And you can just not reroll and have the not-as-good items you rolled before, gear without sublimations is completely viable and 2 slots is better then the old runes (it a bit worse if you get 1 slot, but the chance of rerolling  times and not getting even 2 slots is astronomical)
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That is why RNG drop from grinding is already a pain, then why need add more salt (more RNG) again to the grinding pain? 

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