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About the Enchantment Free Slot Rolls Exploit...

By Reg3e#4971 - MEMBER - July 11, 2019, 19:56:25

I've sacrificed 3 OGW, 4 Legendary Siro Amulet, 3 Legendary Forg Cloak, 2 Souv Panda Hat, 1 Tramo Ring, 2 Legendary Coat of Chain, since the 1.64 Update went Live.

The Results,
OGW - 3 slots (15 Charges + 1 used)
Siro - 4 slots (18 Charges + 1 used)
Forg Cloak - 4 slots (15 Charges + 1 used)
Panda Hat - 3 slots (10 Charges + 1 used)
Tramo Ring - 4 slots (4 Charges + 1 used)
Coat of Chain - 2 slots (10 Charges + 1 used)

No big deal, just bad RNG. Until someone discovered the Enchantment Free Slot Rolls Exploit...

The amount of resource I've spent rolling my gears just to achieve 4 slots, when someone else is able to do the same for free. Mind you this is Phaeris we're talking, where end game players count are abysmally low, meaning the Market is more or less dead. Every single resource are hard grind by my own effort. Seeing nothing done to exploitation like this is very demotivating and insulting to the player progressions and time invested in grinding prior to this debacle.

Is this just another effort by Ankama to promote "Linear Progression is Boring, Let's RNG More, Let's just Penalize those who've actually worked hard, and Reward the Random few who've discovered the exploitation"?

When all your previous in-game hard work progression can so easily be altered / affected by a simple update / bug. Is the greatest Sin in any MMORPG. It makes you wonder, if it's even worth grinding when you know all your progress holds little meaning in future updates.

- Reg

Edit: To clarify, this exploit allows players who abused it to have unlimited free rolls, until they achieve 4 slots, colour and arrangement in the equipment they want, without the need to sacrifice a similar gear. Essential, a disadvantage for those who use the Enchantment system the intended / honest way and did not abuse the exploitation.

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First Ankama intervention

Hey guys,

We thank you for all of your feedback, we'll discuss them with the team. A reminder for those that were unaware of the bug, the fix has been applied last Thursday. 


See message in context
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It sucks even more knowing that they don't plan to doing any sort of compensation or anything about it.

People getting fully optimized end-game builds on the first day, how come they didn't fix it before?

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Imagine still believing in the wakfu team in 2019.5 almost 2020
You are paying for a subscription, you are not paying for a game you care about.
That is why the team can do whatever they want about the game or will not fix bugs they do not want to.
That is why I am here waiting for a single player final version of wakfu. 
At least people are starting to wake up now. Better late than never.

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Same here I am against the booster thing, I can buy virtual in-game costume/pets/consumable for their good design style or good stat but not towards the poor respect from the developer...

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There's no good way to undo the exploitation unfortunately. No matter what, people who put in the work and sacrificed items before they knew about it will end up getting the short straw. They should have turned the servers off as soon as the exploit was found out, instead of posting an announcement telling everyone about it.

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lets hope this post is not getting deleted, hope all ppl read the post and realize about this nonsense dev decision smile

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I doubt Ankama will delete this, since Reg is one of the better known players within the English community, silencing him will only escalate how much Ankama wants to cover up their mistake.

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the game is broken beyond repair

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we  discussed  much about this new system but we forgot about stasis system allows us to drop epics and relics gears. Maybe ankama can increase drop rates of relics each sstasis level soon and  our frustrated discussions will be useless
Boss drop is main misc. resource is like robowl feather ,royal tofu feather to create weapons.
at stasis >10, 1 boss  drop must be guaranted  for one  player  in group
at stasis >20,  1 boss  drop   for 2 different( player or hero or sidekick if player solo ,player drops 1 drop)
at stasis >=25, 1 boss  drop for 3 player
​​​​​at stasis >30, 1 boss drop for 4 players
at stasis >=35, 1 boss drops for 5 players
at stasis >40, 1 boss drop for 6 players
at stasis >=45,  1 epic for 1 player and 1 boss drop for 5 players 
at stasis =50,  1 relic for 1 player and 1 boss drop  for 5 players.
Boss drops and relic,epic,myht gears will be guaranteed and this drop amounts can be increased by rate of loot.if there is no relic in some dungeons like arachnoshima this relic gift can be myht one.
Btw there is someone who always dislikes comments. .i wondered who is he/she? huh

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so.... they wont do anything to the exploiters? what? pensive

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BOY! i was like "well IMC is worse than ANKAMA, at least Ankama do the work quickly and if something happens they do rollback" but now Ankama is doing the same thing as IMC laugh lets patch but not temp ban exploiters or rollback those items.

if i would have know ankama wouldnt do a rollback or do something agaisnt people who abused this i would have tried to roll my feca equipment to get something good for my tank and prolly roll attack runes on my pandawa and ecaflip.

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so, how do they do the exploit?

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The exploit has already been patched, and those who've abused it got away with it. Seeing how poorly this game breaking exploit was handled, it reflects how little Ankama care about their core long time players and paying customers. It's not hard to imagine why people are leaving the game.

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but.. ohmy 

how was it done?
what did it do?
and, why couldnt i have used it to. i would totally exploit if i could
cause the grind is insane, and for most my gear, impossible
as some of my gear, that needs the EXACT same item, to upgrade
its all unobtainable, due to celestial dungeon removal, and UB's being impossible to fight, tons of my gear is a 1% drop rate off Ub's. so getting it, is impossible
and i need like 20 of each one ,to even get my stuff optimized for max slots, colors

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Ogrest’s Wrath and all other relic epics aren’t affected by the exploit. You shouldn’t count that in.
Just as a sidenote

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Yeah, just thought I'd show all the high profile rolls I've done so far since 1.64 went Live, some of my viewers asked me about the rate I've been getting xD

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Wow, Ankama not doing anything to solve this? RIP in-game Economy

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Hey guys,

We thank you for all of your feedback, we'll discuss them with the team. A reminder for those that were unaware of the bug, the fix has been applied last Thursday. 


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The only thing you guys did was patch it and not punish bug abusers when abusing a bug is clearly against the rules. So its ok to abuse a bug because you guys patched it?

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Ankama will not punish those who used the bug?

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Just another normal day in Bugfu. Ankama made an oopsie, and the players suffers for it.

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this whole enchantment thing is a big oopsie

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All the big players from Phaeris are leaving now...

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Looks like Ankama forgot about this and swept it under the rug

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Wasn't the bug just one free reroll on any item that was crafted? The item would roll once when you double clicked and then cancelled and then a second roll would happen if you double clicked again and selected elements. I didn't manage to get any of my items to roll more than two times, but maybe I just suck at exploiting bugs.

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You could roll as much as you wanted. The only redeeming thing is that the item was supposed to be crafted so only players who keep well stocked inventories could use this bug on its fullest.
Double click after was your mistake ... if you kept the rolls after the fix the item keeps the elements you got and that's why Reg3e made this thread

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Hi guys,

We've noted your feedback about the bug and it has been discussed with the team. Thank you!