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Returning player with a bunch of questions

By Mikefield - MEMBER - July 11, 2019, 16:43:44

Hey guys, a returning player here, I stopped playing around Mount Zinit 2 update and I presume that the game has changed a ton since then. I have a couple of questions about my character setups and gameplay in general. I would greatly appreciate any answers you could give me!

1) Should I make any changes to my current team?
All characters are level 168
Air/Water backstab single target Masq
Air/Water healbot/air dmg Eni
Water/Earth tank Feca
Air/Water single target Elio 
Fire/Water supp/aoe Panda
Earth/fire (with some air) single target/distance Cra

2) Are there any daily routines I should follow other than alma? It used to be Flaxhid/Torm every day, is it still viable for levelling? What other ways of levelling are out there? I mostly ran dungeons with my team.

3) Are there any new places I can get cool gear from that I should focus on? Highest I went so far were the two Xelorium dungeons, I have not touched the new Zinit content yet.

4) There seems to be a new item tier - Souvenir (I had only epics and mythicals, there seems to be that new turquioise item type - is it another item restricted to one-per-character just like epics/mythicals?). Are there any specific souvenirs I should get at my level?

5) Mineral Tower - should I give it a shot?

6) PvP - worth doing?

7) Resource gathering - is it worth it with a team of 6? I have level 115 lumberjack and 70 miner.

8) I'm sitting on 8 million kamas - any recommendations as to spending these?

9) I have a load of runic powers - what do I do with them since I presume they are no longer useful?

10) Any other advice/stuff I should know? 


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I'll answer some of them:

2) I'd argue these might be interesting:

- daily guild of hunters quest for either turning in seeds, mob drop mats or the todays dungeon boss for extra tokens of that lvl bracket

- the daily modulox quests, where you have 4 of (need to be high enough lvl to unlock them) which also reward a "universal" modulox token you can turn into any of the lvl brackets tokens (again if you have the charlvls for it)

3) depends entirely what you're after.

4) from what I know you can wear multiple souvenirs, and those are mostly lvl 200 stuff

9) you CAN use the "hammer" icon in your inventory and basically do what the recycler used to do: recycle them into mats you can now use for crafting

10) enjoy the game and don't get all to nuts about perfect gear like many pple are  going insane over *ducks in cover*

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1 - Your team sems fine, although I would give the Elio earth mastery as well, it's always good to have a rich variety of elements, same for Eni, for dpsing, fire can make the Eni a real mennac,e especialy with the passive Massacuring arts. (boosts damage taken by marked enemies, they explode into heal for allies and damage for enemies upon death)
2 - Alma and Flax/torm are still on the run, and now the new map of Pandalucia came up with a decent 141 dungeon, a 171 UB that is quite hard and two 186 dungeons. Gears are quite good and the enviromental quests are really worth the time.
5 - I say go ahead, it got a fun mechanic, boss is quite challenging, and make sure you have a good team.
6 - the Battlefields are fun, give it a shot.
7 - Depends on what you're making
8 - just gear is fine, bread and fragments.
9 - Grind the runic powder into shards and dust. Hammer icon on top-left of your inventory tab.
10 - Just enjoy the game, the thrill of challenging fights and make yourself confortable with your heroes smile Try new classes and spell combinations. I personaly reccomend Xelor and Huppermage.

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