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3rd Edition Boss Smasher Costume

By SirPercedal - MEMBER - July 10, 2019, 18:05:21

Well I would like to talk about the newest addition to Boss Smasher Reward Machine.
Everyone let me introduce you "Legendary Bilbi Costume"

At the beggining I want to say this is not a bad costume, it surely would have some usage. This could be nice achivment/quest/even shop costume in some costume lootbox. But this is awfull Boss Smasher Costume. Why u ask? Well first of all it's mashup or 2 old bilbi set with some spaced covered in the place where character outfit would be visable that's pretty lazy way to give us our prize for the ultimate hunters.
It's not any original design such a pity. This costume compered to other looks like small gray mouse. When 2 others costume (no metter if u like them or not) looks like something u needed to fight for, u can write the story about them u see the epicness in them. 1st edition armor remided some kind of demons, the 2nd edition based on the nogord scales, and the 3rd one... its just a skin of Bilbis... that's sounds lame.

And lastly the funniest part for me is gone. Contest for costume, where so many great ideas come from many of amaizing artist of Wakfu world.

I supposed it's too late to do the contest now, idk if artist and ankama workers would fit into deadline. But I would love to see completly different costume on this place one that acctually turly reward you for doing the event. We lost the new animated bags, pls don't throw at us meh lookin costume.

With respect,
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i hope i see my rambo creation in game even i can buy dlc for it

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If that's the final product... I'm so dissapointed.

I don't like to judge, but I see a profund lack of effort and a slap on the face to many players. It is just a shiny version of the normal Bibli set.

It does look nice, but I doesnt seem to be a proper reward.

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... How much does it cost? 24 Tokens? Would be the only thing that makes this even remotely funny...

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10 tokens

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Well, why only the Bonta signature monster family? Who know there will be Legendary Plant Costume, Legendary Snapper Costume, Legendary Scara Costume etc later...

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I mean it's july and the boss smasher runs till the end of the year, there's still hope it's a placeholder and that they plan to do another art contest

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Do they ? 
Hoping for an answer

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