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Trying to go Back but not motivated

By emelance#3063 - MEMBER - June 27, 2019, 17:01:53

I have been playing wakfu since 2013, I have seen many changes, in the past years but I stayed. Then finally I stopped playing last year around December 2018, since the people I often play with were also slowly vanishing with a lot of unfinished gears to work on and now after reading the updates somehow I felt that the effort and time I made to craft and enhance stuff was in vain (Im a master crafter btw). It kinda discourages me a bit lol. But I wanna come back I just need something to motivate me... For those antiques who still play, What motivates you? 

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Discovering the ingame stories of wakfu trough quests and NPCs
Exploring the world for hidden caves and scenery
Playing a new class and trying out a new playstyle
Getting a new relic
Doing an event(boss smashers, etc.)
Trash talking in Battlefields
Helping new players with the mechanics
Finding new emotes
Drawing fanart
Buying and reselling costumes at a markup at the market

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I'd recommend you to just download the game and try it by yourself, there isn't really a good reason to comeback because not a lot of things have changed since you left. There is this new Enchantment system coming up in a few days which won't be "casual-friendly" at all, BUT it will be a good moment to re-discover the game and content from all levels.

Personally, I'm a casual player, the main story doesn't appeal to me at all ( pokemon parodies and repeated quests aren't my thing) and I log-in from time to time to help others, do some dungeons and say Hi to the guild.

It is up to you.

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the enchantment system is interesting, but had a ton of flaws with it
people accidentally deleting items
some items rolling 0 - 1 slots, mostly epics/legendaries
many many items that CAN not be upgraded, as the loot is unobtainable
^many dungeons were simply removed, which means their gear is lost
^so now you can not upgrade that gear, if you have it, for enchantments

it turned all runes, and rune powders, and hammers into 1 resource (shards)
and even if you had say 100,000 powder, you may only get like 500 shards
which is absolutely nothing, if you know, you had 5 characters all needing shards

the upgrade rune costs have severely damaged the builds on most characters
like i lose 120% damage on most my characters, and now have a huge pile of empty slotted gear due to the shard costs. its nice to have the shatter function in the Inventory bag though, but they added no tutorial or help or guide to really explain all the enchanting mechanics and how it all functions or works.

So alot of people are just running around with ??? in their heads. 

---MiNi Guide for Enchanting--

THE SHATTER ICON is a HAMMER in the Inventory BAG
Resources make powder for crafts
GEAR makes shards for all enchantment rune upgrades
Smithmagic hammers were 160 shards, powder piles and runes as well +5 at least

You may use any enchantments you see in the effects list per rune
But, if you use the matching rune perk with the gear type you get a 2x bonus
like a boot with elemental mastery gets +7
but a chest piece gets +14 instead because it matches up

You may increase the slots of an item by sacrificing the same exact item to it
like my epic Aesof Mace has 1 slot, i found a legendary 4 slot
i put my epic AM in the slot, and the Legendary AM in the slot under it
same with the colors, it swaps for the other items you sacrifice

-its not a ton of info but it might help someone

Also, drag a rune off your character into the bag, then back on
This will let you keep the old stats
But, double click any item, and it will erase the runes on it -[gives shards]
and randomly RNG 0-4 slots onto that item

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I would wait a few more years until they create colossium or a decent group finder

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Try to do something radically different to what you were doing. Nowadays there's a lot of stuff to do, like the daily random dungeons which give you tokens for using at dungeons (talk to the hairy dude in your haven bag) or  simply exploring and talking to people.
Sometimes I go to astrub to find people who need to get a headstart and just play with them, even if it's not really optimal. If you play this as a single player game you'll have a bad time!

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I recently tried play Wakfu again a bit, but lost all motivation after this update. New enchantment system is random grindfest and i lost 1 AP, 1MP and elemental mastery bonus (now my Astrub Knight hits lot more than me at lvl 100 lol).

I got enough Ogrines to buy few months of SUB but I am not motivated to do it. I will check again in year or so if things get better (but i doubt it) ... and no , you cannot have my stuff smile since I am ending.

Good luck to all with more patience then me.

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You probably didn't lost the AP and MP, after the update, everybody had a forced restat, you just have to put the points in AP and MP on characteristics again.

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