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most active server?

By alexpoki12 - MEMBER - June 18, 2019, 03:13:21

hey, old player here played the beta and before the game kinda went to diddlydoo wondering if its worth coming back to? i always enjoyed the game, but  im really not a solo player and would want a guild ect active people to play with is there no discord server for wakfu ? should i not bother starting again?  

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remi offers a nice population theres plenty of active guilds u will surely find people to play with . the game is ever changing so its always worth to take a peak theres a discord server but its only  player made not official . tbh if ur comming back u better just come here to remi :  this is server of my guild we are active daily feel free to joi and check it out u might find us helpful  . smile

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Out of the non-french servers, it's definitely Remington.
Especially since 2 other servers will be merged with Remington... "Soon (TM)"

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Don't hold your breath

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well i can tell which isnt

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I have a hard time believing Remi is 'active'.
All I've seen thus far is silence and bots.
Joined a guild but it was pretty much a wasteland and no one ever uses any of the chats.
It kinda feels a lot like Echo on Dofus.

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Remi just has more players trolling the forums

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honestly dont bother I only find Illyzaele the mono-account server on dofus lively otherwise the rest are dead

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Most countries can't access Illyzaele because of the changes to Ankama's SMS system.
You need an authenticated cellphone to access the mono account servers.
I was going to move there and try to find people to play with,because any Ankama game without people to play with is a chore, but can't because we aren't on the list smile

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