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Voyager Quest - Chapter 1

By ox739 - MEMBER - June 12, 2019, 19:15:56

- Anyone know where the Absynteeism Inn is?

Hit 140 a few hours ago, and this quest popped up.

It was rather straightforward until I got to "Local Color - Information Trade." Tells me to find the Absynteeism Inn in Srambad. Didn't give anything even hinting at a location in the conversation. Talking to Chad again gives no relevant information. Made the logical assumption that it's in Srambad, and that it's labeled. Went outside. Canvased every house, usable door and entryway. No label. Then I decided to go inside every single house and portal. No Inn. Logic dictates that this inn must exist. Went back to read the quest information : Does not mention the inn being in Srambad. Before I go hopping through all the other places it could potentially be at, I'd like to ask if anyone has the exact location.


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Look for a tavern icon. Inn, tavern... the same.

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