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Worth Coming Back?

By countrylove - MEMBER - May 24, 2019, 18:13:16

Is wakfu  still good? and does it still have a active community? i haven't played in years and was thinking of coming back. 

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The community is active, If you want the full experience then I suggest poking into the discord servers for whatever server you are returning to. 

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yo yo the game is still pretty much great the updates now are more frenquent and with alot of work comming to them  dont pay attention to people crying over here 

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The game is much better then before, the community is smaller then at launch, but is more dedicated (and salty).
I'd recomend at least trying it to see if you like the changes.

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There have been many improvements over the last years. The best way to enjoy the new and improved Wakfu is join a guild that is cut for you.

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I'm pretty sure the end-game gamer population count is less than 15, lol.

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That's because every time Ankama made the game easier, they're indirectly disrespecting their end-game players effort and time spent to reach end-game. What's the point of playing and reaching end-game when you know all your previous effort will be mitigated just like the upcoming horrible 1.63 to 1.64 transition. 

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