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Siu appreciation thread

By Roguery - MEMBER - May 15, 2019, 21:44:38

Here we say appreciations of the Siu.

I'll start:
Siu is very good person with ideas.

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First Ankama intervention

And he is Siuper cool !


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God bless Siu biggrin

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With a lot of good and interesting ideas^

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I have a lot of respect for Siu's previous work and some stuff that he had done in the alpha, even if I totally disagree to the RNG in the new enchantment system.

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He has been seen at our forum more often than most of the devs (excluding Dy7 which is no longer among us, or Enio, who is active mostly at the French forum), and we have had many chances of getting info about the game innards thanks to him. That close contact with the community is not something you can see in many games. And damn it, programming is not an easy task, so much patience that he must have with all this stuff happening...

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And he is Siuper cool !


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who is SIU?  :wacko:

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The main dev

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I love  how Ankama deleted my post because I said something positive about Troyle. Workplace issues?

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Hi elgatopucha,

We moderated it because then [Troyle] would steal [Siu]'s thunder.