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Whatz up with the Cap'n ?

By DoctorPepperz - MEMBER - May 15, 2019, 21:13:51

I have been wracking my brain out to understand why he/she always offers 40 of an item when he/she springs up.. And a little discussion always seems to bring up 2 possible candidate answers. Either it is semblance to 40oz. drinks (aka Old English) or perhaps with crafting being in 5z .. 40 / 5 = 8 .. as in "8 UP". Does anyone know the real reason?

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The real reason is that it's considered to be a good bonus without completely dwarfing the amount you collect normally but you don't want that answer, do you?

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An Especially nice bonus if you just harvested a sparkly "rare"... biggrin

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It is not supposed to be triggered after collecting a rare mythical resource.
As far as I remember few years ago there was a change about that.

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I s'pose. I just reasoned that the creators were so sarcastic from their other conventions, that maybe.. just maybe.. they had something clever behind that too. Oh well. Let the Cap'n be proof they do things normally.. once in awhile. biggrin

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Actually I believe the purpose of him appearing is to prevent bots. When you get into the fight with him you need to perform task that is set up as random (click the correct glyphs).

Another hint of that purpose is his name: cap'n atcha is pretty close to "Captcha" or "Captain Captcha" (Cap. Captcha for short) which is just a protection measure against bots.

The reward is just there so you don't get frustrated when "this irritating Captcha" checks if you're a human or not.

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Never try to understand why is always number 40, as seen like +40 wisdom or prospecting in daily Almanax blessing too. Well, at least the bonus is still bonus to reduce time spend on collecting crafting materials~~ 

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