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By Dadiriz - MEMBER - April 22, 2019, 05:19:58

The lv 95 fish.. Where do i find it? It doesn't show on the map and no one in online seems to know.

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I have the same question. 

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You can find this fish here:

*to get to these islands you need "The Luminescent Amulet" (amulet you get for doing the Zinit's Mount questline)

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)


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Just as a tip:
You don't need to do the zinit quest to get that amulet, the zinit quest just will tell you to get the luminescent amulet in the bilbiza questline. But you can do the bilbiza questline without the zinit quest too and get the amulet.

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there's an island in Sufokia  (x=6, y=-6)  just above those round circles which you can reach by a small boat (x=5, y=-4), no need to swim, but only has 4 fishingspots

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