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Becoming a citizen, is it worth it?

By seomangreylocks - MEMBER - April 14, 2019, 05:29:51


I am trying to understand the system, so far I do not find any benefit of becoming a citizen, because of the way governors manage the politics. I like to play the quests and do PvE so in order to do that I need to move freely around other nations. Right now I do not have a nation, so again my question, is it worth it?

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You can take part of the battlefields (PvP).
Oh don't forget the emote you get and the mount harness.
Other than that, there is not pretty much to do.

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There is the territory control bonus too, depending of the territories and fixed ecosystem in the territories of your nation.
Even if you have a nation, you can freely move in every other nation. Being in one has no disadvantage, just advantages, but if you use the hero system, you can't add chars of different nation.

All in all, choosing the nation is only about the stat boost of territory control bonus (which will change a lot with different nations dominating hard the battlefields (pvp)) and the access to battlefields.

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