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mining dark carbon

By blackpropower - MEMBER - March 15, 2019, 01:51:18

Hello guys, i just wanted to ask if im the only one who finds just 1 place to farm dark carbon kind of annoying? i can't farm properly if not for 1 hour maybe in the middle of the day if nobody comes the rest of the time is completely overwhelmed by people who want to farm it as well, and doing it in 2 just gives such a little amount of dark carbon after 30 mins, maybe they should add some more places to farm? 

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The depths of Brakmar's mines are pretty heavily traffic'ed by kama minting miners these days its true, but unless Ankama programs some more locations, about the only thing you can do is equip your miner character to boost the amount he gets when mining ores.

You need to obtain a funny-looking pet: a "snoofle" (looks like an animated vacuum-cleaner, see below. tongue), and dust off your miner's crafting skills and assemble "The Right Pick".     These will boost your ore harvesting as a miner.     

If you really level up all of your gathering skills past level 100, there is also a ring called: "the seal of companionship" that gives a large boost in any harvesting, but that's a very very long hard grind to get one.  rolleyes

A "Snoofle"
(feed him up to max level and he's good for a 50% boost in your ore harvesting)

TheRogueCat|2019-03-17 08:40:28And add the mining drugs too (15 crappy classic carbon units for a +15% for miner). I would cite the Almanax blessing for +20% harvests, but it's unlikely to use those 2 hours well, and not as reliable as the other alternatives.

Swing a miner's pick while chewing gum at the same time??    Attempting THAT with an IOP might result in serious injury !!    wacko  biggrin
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