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Changing Class worth it? + Suggestion for final 3 Man team member

By Yugaz - MEMBER - March 01, 2019, 05:08:14


I'm just wondering if purchasing a class change for a level 92 character is worth it or not? Or should i just make a new one and level that one up? (will most likely take a few weeks to get to the same level)

Reason being, I'm considering change my Iop (level 92) to fill out my potential 3 man team when i decide to purchase a hero booster sometime in the near future. Other characters are Masq (ST Air/Water) and Sac(Fire/Earth).

Also, any suggestions for what the final member of my team should be? I'm currently eyeing an Osa as I head they're pretty versatile and I've been reading other posts saying a range DD is preferred. Any other Suggestions? or should i stick with my Iop?

PS.  I'm quite under geared which is why I level so slow, so maybe a class which doesn't punish too much for being under geared?

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all ranged DDs are more forgiving then melee chars since you'll get hit less.
osa seems to be fine.
Also once you have a booster it's pretty easy to lvl up another character. it will get x3 exp

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If you're going to buy heroes then don't bother with class change, with higher characters you can level your newborns super fast anyway. Class change is only good if your char owns lots of rare emotes which you absolutely don't want to loose I guess ;d Get heroes and life will become better :3

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Thank you so much to the both of you for your advice smile

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I recommend Xelor, my main is a masq and I have a sacri in my other account and those two side by side are unstopable, and as you already said it would be good to add a ranged dd, and a xelor has great movility around the map, and with good range, it's better, and is a good dpt when it's well geared up.

ps. My team of 3 characters is that one. (Masq, Sacri, Xelor) and is so perfect, those three are meant to be.

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As a Xelor main, I can attest our efficiency ^^ It's tons of fun teleporting enemies and allies around, giving AP to my hupper and Sram so they can tear the boss a new one, and I also reccomend an Eni, the reliable healer, but a DPS build can make it quite the powerhouse.

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Buy new class slot if no space,Masq-eni-Osa.

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