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How many markets are there?

By seomangreylocks - MEMBER - February 12, 2019, 04:28:31

Hello, I wondering if i know all the markets, so far i only know of Asturb, Kelba and the ones that are conected from the capitals, is there any other market i am missing?

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There is Haven world market that connected to Kelba Market. Also I think there is another market in srambad, but i couldn't remember where its connected to probably the capital one cmiiw.

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1. Asturb Market.
2. Nations Market
3. Srambad Market - (Connected with the Nations Market)
4. Kelba Market - (Connected to the Heaven world Market.)

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If we make it completely obvious and only name the linked markets as one.
1.) Astrub
2.) Nations+Srambad
3.) Kelba+Haven Worlds
So 3 different market.

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Thank you all. So I have not yet done the nations quest nor do I have chosen a nation, even tho I can not go to Srambad or enter a Haven World, it does not matter because its only 3 markets at the end and I can visit those in Astrub, Kelba and Nations, right?

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Yes, correct.
Moreover, Haven world market is something special, because if you are in a guild with a haven world market, this access to Haven world+kelba market is taxless. But still you can access this market from kelba to place items with a tax or buy stuff from it.

If you play on Remington, the most used market is the kelba/haven world market, but especially for lower levels ( <150 ), you can often find stuff a bit cheaper in nation market. Astrub market is mainly used for stuff you can get in Astrub ( < lvl 50) by pretty new players.

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They should just link them all together.

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I 100% made sense back in the day when you had to mint your own Kama and the world was huge - now though? Not needed, link them together please.

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