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Drop mechanics >> 2+2=5 ?

By Fixxr - MEMBER - February 11, 2019, 16:17:36

Hello guys, I have made this post to ask for someone to explain how the items drop porcentage works.

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The percentage displayed in the respective monsters' tables is the base drop rate for their respective items.

Prospecting is applied over that percentage as a +bonus% based on that percentage. So, an item with 25% base drop with +200 Prospecting (the cap) would become 25% + 50% = 75% drop chance. It wouldn't be 25+200, nope. (25 + 25*2 = 75)

Then, over that, you apply the dungeon stasis multiplier bonus/penalty, not additively. For a level 20 stasis would have 136% drop chance. So, +36% over that 75% would be (75 * 1.36) 102% drop chance. So, fixed 100% for that item to drop.

If there happened to be some event with x2 to drops, it would be applied over that too, not additively.

baseDrop * 1+(Prospecting/100) * stasisBonus * eventBonus = finalDropChance

And when the combat ends, the game does a random roll from 0 to 100 for each potential item drop. If the random value happens to be lower or equal than the finalDropChance, the item is adquired. Additional rolls for pouches and Booster Pack rolls.

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Oh, and pouches drops do not use Prospecting bonus. At least, not as of now.

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Hey @TheRogueCat,
The quests during battle, like "Dont deal water damage" or "Kill everything from behind" kinda of stuff, they are added on which part of that? Do they go in the 200pp maxed? thx

So the battle challenges enters on the first part, the 200 max PP part.
Thanks @theroguecat

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The battle challenges are added at the end of battle, just like the Almanax blessing or those consumables like potions and candies. So, you can get challenges giving +100 and +125, but at the end the cap will treat all sources as a max of +200.

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