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Sacrier, Ecaflip or Ouginak

By xxxSFOBUPxxx - MEMBER - February 10, 2019, 14:24:34

I want a class that allows me to play most of the time alone. Among these three, which one works best and could be fun?

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Sacrier's the ultimate stat stick. I consider Ecaflips to be a fun class to play. So either those two.

No idea about Ouginaks.

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I play a Sacrier that's now at level 118, so I can tell my opinion just on this class and the first hundred levels.
Sacrier can do a lot content solo thanks to its survivability: he can move trough the map by air spells and he can also gain armory earth spells. Fire spells let you do a lot of damage, especially if you are below 50% of your hp and you have spent points in berserker damage.
Of course for a lot of contents you need a group, but beyond this situation Sacrier can play well solo.

That said, you are uncertain between tre classes: my advice is to try all them in the first 35 levels, when you have to stay in Astrub, and choose the class you enjoy more.

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thank you. I made a sacrier and it is very easy to play alone. Thank you for the opinions.

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Yeah sac was definitely your best bet between the 3. From my experience, ougi takes a good while before they become efficient and ecas are similar

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