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Counselor of the Gods Laurels

By hemyani - MEMBER - February 06, 2019, 10:37:49

Dude, is it even possible to drop this hat from Nogord at +s21? After dropping 3 prismatic belts (epic) and pretty much everything else (mythical and legendary) at s21, I'm starting to doubt whether it is possible to drop this hat at this current stasis level. Anyone can confirm if it's droppable at s21?

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Dropped on S21, (By the ones in the list.) Taken from discord :

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dam ohmy no challenges too.. im sad now. Thanks for letting me know, I'm gonna keep trying.

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Maximum prospecting was used for our drops happy

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You did that at s21?? Impressive.
Every piece of equipment fully runed i presume?
Or "just" normally equipped??

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Quick update, yes it is totally droppable in Nox server, I don't have the screenshot but I dropped one today along with some shiny eggs smile

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