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How to get the nation swords

By Brisant - MEMBER - February 05, 2019, 00:37:06

The title explains it fairly well. I know you get the rings by doing the enviro quests, but how do you get the relic swords? I've read somewhere that the document drops from special mimics in each nation's dungeons, but i couldn't confirm it.

Any help?

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Stasis 31+ on any nation dungeon for its respective sword
I'm not a fan of the devteam shoving ALS into everything

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Some players already dropped the Blueprints and crafted them. I'm still not clear about the conditions in which they dropped it though. It is somewhat in the line of what AcidAce said. AlS and Mimic chest with blueprint drop.

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I did drop Amakna Sword Blueprint from Nation Mimic chest that appeared in fight at 3rd room of Magik Riktus Den. I am not sure at what stasis, but according to the ranking my top stasis run of this dungeon was at s30 - so this is not 'only s31+ drop'.

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How many characters with completed amanka eco-hero achievement were used uring those magic riktus runs? How many times did you run into Nation Mimi chest? How many rooms did you do for the mimi to appear? Any subsequent runs and results? Thanks.

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