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Think I See A Cunning Ploy To The Upgrade

By 1vent - MEMBER - January 20, 2019, 20:33:27

(This being a good example of sneezing when posting a thread so it vanishes and has to be recreated)

I believe I see a ghost of a stated intention from a prior upgrade reflected in the lat one. Some time back, Ankama stated they were steering toward communal quests and challenges, in an attempt to build player interaction vs. solo missions. The new upgrade makes this pretty much a requirement to 90% of the content. There is a problem, though, and it lies in the nature of the restructure world.

I'm thinking specifically, in this instance, of the restructuring/compression of the cities in the various nations. The stated intent was to lessen travel time through the world. A couple of issues with this (and keep in mind this is strictly my reaction):

1) The change gives much less of a feeling of roaming a wide and (given the circumstances) reslistic world.We now have desert terrain literally butting up against grassy swards with only a few steps to divide them. To me, it's like visiting a local amusement park. No sense of scope.

2) The overly convoluted and extremely overcrowded cities make getting around a bit of a nightmare. Okay, a major nightmare. The maps reflect this, if you actually attempt to use them to find your way from Point A to Point B. There are just too many streets to navigate.

Worse, there are far too many NPCs shuffling around. At least with the old villages, you had an automatic meeting point. Now, I occasionally encounter an actual player at the zaap, on  their way elsewhere. I spend far too much time hovering over characters, looking for some to team with, only to find out it's an NPC. Unless I want to spend my time in Astrub, or possibly  the Reef or Wild Estate, it's a lonely play for most of the time I'm online.

On an unrelated topis, mining, gathering herbs and acquiring items for crafting has become significantly more difficult.

I've been playing for a couple of years. Generally daily and for multiple hours per session. It's been my go-to to unwind from spending hours in front to the microphone or driving to and from photo shoots. At this point in time, I'm hanging on, but I have to say the latest upgrade took about 95% of the fun out of play. A disturbing situation.

Again, my view, not necessarily reflecting that of other players.

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Not a clue what this signifies.

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The NPCs are definitely an annoyance. They should get rid of them in my opinion. What purpose do they really serve other than to annoy players? Give people a sense of (non-existent) population? It's a fairly poor idea. 

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That's pretty obviously the idea behind all the zombie NPCs. It does make the city look a bit more 'alive,' but it's heavily overdone. I could go with a few inside houses,and a few in the square, but this many is just confusing. I never know when there's a real player within a few steps.

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Almost two decades ago game developers were espousing the virtues of their huge cities and open worlds to explore, and every time players complained that it was a whole lot of nothing that took too long to traverse. And here we see that same mistake being replicated in Wakfu.

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Hmm a very beautiful and relevant post. You make some good points and I agree. I fear that due to these new changed perhaps Wakfu also lies on the chopping block for Subscribing to get access as they did on Dofus. It would be my worst fear come true. I understand that they might be having a hard time keeping Wakfu going (especially since they don't really choose to listen to their english populations, which is now basically dwindled down to almost nothing, not so smart imo) yet to potentially be steering that way would lose the game it's few remaining players. I came from Dofus to Wakfu for a fresh start and to get away from the dreaded Subscribe or be stuck in Asturb forever limbo Dofus has and till this very day I still come back to Wakfu often to check up on the game, community, forums, updates and given how that's going try to play again. Anyway I digress, amazing post, love it. Thank you for making it happy

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