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Hard stuck because I didn't get emotes

By HeyImGin - MEMBER - January 20, 2019, 17:27:03

So it appears that there are emotes all across Incarnam. Which happen to be necessary for the mission of the octotemple. I was hardstuck on some other quest or dungeon because I play alone, so I've grinded to lvl 64. Now I suddenly know of these emotes, and that I lack some, but apparently I can't get to Incarnam. Whenever I try to get there through a zapp, I only get the animation of entering on my character and it stays where it was. 

I wish someone may help me, or explain why I can't enter, because I haven't found any information about a level limit for Incarnam and that was the only thing I thought could be responsible for this error.

Thanks in advance for any future help!

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One thing I discovered yesterday was that if I was using Heroes/Sidekicks I wasn't able to return to Incarnam via Zaap. Once I removed the heroes from my party I was able to travel to Incarnam. I think this is because Sidekicks and Heroes are not allowed in Incarnam. I hope that helps!

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Yeah tested out, removing sidekicks worked for me aswell.

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^ Yes, you cannot enter Incarnm with Heros or sidekicks equipped,

This guide from method might help you too.

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