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Where is the adventure?

By Huezildo - MEMBER - January 20, 2019, 05:35:01

Every time I want to play Wakfu or Dofus is because of its unique classes and turn-based system, but the fact is the roleplaying of both of those games have had better days.The fact that every single player in this game level up using high-level friends or, second accounts or higher level characters forces everybody to level up the same way or alone.

It is impossible nowadays to find someone leveling a low-level character  to party up and go in an adventure, that could be in dungeons, quests or even pvp ( which are pointless, because there is no pvp in it, just people gathering points...)

Right now I wanted to creat a new character, I would even buy one more slot to create that character, but that is pointless because of the feeling of going into a new adventure with a new class its impossible to have in this game.

I do not want or need any high level to group up with me, or eighter level up my new character in a group with my other high-level characters. All I want is the feeling of having an adventure with people, and this game does not deliver that.

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ye know people can just adjust their lv and help ye with mentor system

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"ye know nobody does that, ye know nobody uses this feature as nobody uses the acctual group finder system"

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Have to agree with some points.

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HAHAha i actually used the party finder today im new to game so im playing as a ecaflip lvl 131 and was trying to do the 126 dung to get my dazzling belt was told it was good hahah but ya i sat there for over an hour and 0 hits not a soul came .

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Find a good guild and your adventure starts from there.

Or make a guild and find some level nothings to start their adventure too.

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I agree, I am trying so hard to give this game chance after chance after chance...but when you log in and you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, alone, gaining barely anything from hitting mobs, leveling up for basically nothing, what's the point of getting the best gear if there is no competitive pvp mode and you basically do everything alone, tried the heroes system but playing with 3 characters at the same time just feels weird for me, this isn't what a mmorpg is supposed to be and it's sad how it has got to this, Ankama needs to sell Wakfu to a more competent company that would actually give Wakfu the chance it deserves, this game has so much potential but the staff behind (not talking about the designers... because these guys did a hell of a job because Wakfu's aesthetics look sweet af) doesn't seem interested in making this game grow, barely any updates, no new content, no effort to bring people, no listening to the community...

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and the worst thing is, the community don't like to unite to make the game better.

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Welp this how things are nowadays. Its atually kinda sad to read this because I remember golden age of wakfu, when there was an adventure and you could meet a lot of game friends during it. Too bad this will never came back.

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Well I hope the population will recover a bit with the server merge, but yeah the dungeon finder should seriously be improved, when the released it it sucked so much it scared everyone off, people now rather yell for a group at alamanax then use it

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Do you think people will use group finder when most people don't have sacrier/feca in the tank slot? Problem with wakfu dungeons is more than just group finder, it's how they design fights/dungeons/bosses.

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Well, n ff to an erier comment posted above, it isn't as if Ankama listens.responds too closely to what the players want, to make the game better.

There was the disastrous compacting of the nations (ironic as an earlier removes of various dragoturkey posts was cited as a means of encouraging players to spend more travel time -- an argument pretty neatly voided by cramming everything together in most nations).

In a more recent attempt, they again fell short (the customization option would have been nicer if you could also customize colors of costumes and a few other details).

I've been playing for a couple of years, and frankly, most of the fun is gone. I ow essentially log in long enough to get guild points for each characters that's in a guild and then go off to do other things. A sad commentary, as WAKFU has been a major interest since joining. My average daily play has shrunk for 5-6 hours a day to about 20 minutes, since they decided to merge various zones and give us the overcrowded cities.

I used to wonder at disgruntled posts from people announcing the'd left the game but were checking it out a year or so on.

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Shiracharm|2019-03-10 17:37:10
Do you think people will use group finder when most people don't have sacrier/feca in the tank slot? Problem with wakfu dungeons is more than just group finder, it's how they design fights/dungeons/bosses.

both things actually
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Definitely a lingering issue, especially since the group finder has a reputation for being buggy & unreliable. Then there's the fact that for lots of dungeons have team composition requirements that can make running them with a pickup group unreliable.

Back when I was an active player, I used to enjoy helping people level up their new characters by running content at their level. But between a dwindling population, and a tendency for new players to implicitly expect me to just power level them... I dunno, it wore me out, and I doubt anyone else felt much more motivated.

The way things play out it's often best to spend all your time with a guild or friends from outside the game. Doesn't help that a lot of high level progression is centered on running the same 4 dungeons as many times as possible, and maybe optimizing your modulox token rate.

I feel for you. I wish you luck in finding people to play with at your level, but odds are you have to luck out or bring some friends to experience the game with you.

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