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Justice Cave

By Enceladon - MEMBER - January 11, 2019, 16:33:25

I wanted to craft mythical Justice Epaulettes and you had to craft them in the Justice cave until the nations update. Now I can't find the Justice Cave and the mythical Epaulettes are still not craftable on normal armorer machines.

Where can I find the Justice Cave?
... Was the Justice Cave removed and there is an alternative way?
... Was the Justice Cave removed and they forgot that we still need the Cave to craft the Justice Harness and the Justice Epaulettes?

Thanks for reading.

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First Ankama intervention

The fishing spot has unfortunately been removed. Another way of obtaining the justice key will be put in the game, next patch (1.63).

Thanks for your patience.

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The Justice Cave entrance is RIGHT behind Justice Knight. Very easy to miss. You still need keys for it too

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Wow. Thanks a lot. I would never expected it to be there and I probably would have never found it myself.

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Where is the fishing spot where you can get keys now?

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since it hasn't been discovered yet, why wouldn't you be the first one to find a key? You can wait for the answer, but isn't it exciting to search for yourself?

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nothing yet? I searched for everything and did not find

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before the new nations, it used to be a key to fish in a near pound.

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no wonder i saw lot of ppl everyday wandering around cania plains doing nothing..

all of em prolly also looking for the key/ mechanism for the key..

that bein said, i have my suspicion on the both of the house on cania, the spooky house is the most intriguing, i mean..most of houses at bonta region are named bontarian house, but this one is different... maybe... theres somethin about it....

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The fishing spot has unfortunately been removed. Another way of obtaining the justice key will be put in the game, next patch (1.63).

Thanks for your patience.



Alegria-|2019-02-09 00:48:20
are there other quests or other things that have been forgotten for a piece of them missing?

Not to our knowledge.

I can understand you not getting why such a mistake even happens, but bugs that are obvious to you can actually, in some occasions, be a little tricky on our game tools side.
Placing a special fish spot requires, for us, a totally different action than generating fishes for every available spot on any given map. The special fish wasn't placed at the same time than the ecosystem generic fishes. They (the generic fishes) later overlapped the special one, and we didn't notice.

Again, we're sorry for the inconvenience.
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Could the scary house in Brakmar possibly be missing a part too ? 
If it's just a wink, nevermind, but if there do is something to discover, this house is intriguing. 

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