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@Ankama - How to get Boon harness?

By Karakedi - MEMBER - January 10, 2019, 19:19:07


I finally got my Boon mount via the app yesterday and with it I also got the Boon Thi harness automatically when transferring the mount into Wakfu, which changes the mount in a gorgeous blue color.

However the encyclopedia also shows a Boon harness, how does one get that?

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This Boon harness is the default one, which mean you can change back to original brown color actually when click on the pet customization. 

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I don't think that is true because if that were the case all mounts would have a default harness.

Also the Encyclopedia shows this harness as a separate item, a harness of its own.

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Bump, can someone from Ankama please assist?

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