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On My Soapbox: Expressing the Obvious

By 1vent - MEMBER - December 25, 2018, 05:02:09

I 'm seeing a disturbing trend in player dynamics, these days.

Simply put: We all started as level 2 players. The game was strange, there were dungeons that seemed impossible to beat (mine was the larva dungeon in the Astrub Sewers -- took me forever to be able to solo it and, even in a party, I was pretty well shell shocked for the first few dozen tries), hidden things to locate, and all sorts of players running around at hyper speed. They it seemed that everyone was talking with everyone but you. But you toughed it out and advanced.

Yes, I agree it's great to level yourself up. Everyone wants to hit 200, 300 or beyond. HOWEVER, I'm now seeing too many people hanging around hub areas (especially Astrub) who don't have the time or inclination to help newer players. even when that player approaches them and specifically asks for help. In the last three weeks I've encountered this as many times. This is particularly disturbing when both players are in the same guild. Guilds, in specific, should be about working together to help each other, as well as attaining guild-specific goals. If not, then why have them in the first place?

I admit that I occasionally avoided mentoring in the past, because I didn't fully understand the game myself, and was afraid I'd screw things up for the other player. Nowadays, I try to assist whenever I can. I will occasionally screw up big time, but it's worth taking chances if it gets another player some loot they needed or helps them level up.

Point being, try to keep an eye out for the struggling new players. They need your help and guidance. Remember what starting out was for you.

On a more nuts-and-bolts level, try this: A disgruntled player will either a) stay with the game but leave their guild and bad mouth it all over the place, or b) leave WAKFU and tell anyone who will listen that it's a nasty place, and it's time to try Game X, Y or Z.

Granted these 'all for myself' players are probably in a small minority, but they do exist. It doesn't take a whole session up to help someone who needs your help with 0ne or so dungeons.

End of soapbox. I'll now go back and probably repeatedly walk by xelor into a wall or lose him in the depths of some mine.


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I agree with the OP. But I'm going to keep doing things like farming and mining which don't really require people in the same ways.

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I think the main issue is that whilst it may not take a lot of time to run 1 dungeon, it does take time
There isn't anything really worthwhile for a level 200 player running a lower level dungeon on stasis 20
The drops won't hold much value unless they are a broad collector(which inventory space prevents a lot of this)
But then there's also a "Well why can't they do a selfless act and help others"
The issue is once again time and lack of intensive
That being said, the main quest provides enough exp to jump you a myriad of levels within the brackets
Torm and Flax will assist you still a lot below the levels of 170, which fills the gap between level locked main quests
And the guild of hunter's quests for even just trapper, can help fill the gaps more

The issue is all of this is mainly solo stuff, bar Torm and Flax of course
Its kinda why i'm trying to push for more incentive for Higher level players to run lower level dungeons, without having to commit to ALS

Newer players want Exp
Best way to get exp with the help of higher level players is s20 dungeons
s20 dungeons will offer NOTHING of value to a higher level player if the dungeon is of a low level
If we can somehow offer something of value to running s20 dungeons, Even if its simply rune powder, consumables, or otherwise, then THAT would add some desire to help other players

Not everyone will act of selflessness, and if we want a more active community in all level areas, this is probably one of the best ways to go about that

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Well, it's true that there is that wish to "avoid" being seen by lower level players, but the thing is quite complex...

Most of times, having to run low level dungeons is paradoxically problematic for a high level player, mainly because of inventory managing. I have problems managing my inventory stuff, and even more if they go in rushed runs without a second to stop between combats. I rarely have more than 5 free slots in inventory, and I always keep the haven bag gems and fragments from any low level dungeon.

Running those dungeons for helping usually takes the whole day session from beginning to end, basically forcing you to either park aside the plans you had for the day, or facing that "nobody helps me I'm leaving this sucks" answer/attitude. Many times I've had to abort my own plans for having to help others in their runs, which half of times happened to be random new players, rather than guild ones. I don't mind helping those who joined the guild, but sometimes it can be a bit slavering, but it's the price of leading a guild, and other members are either busy too, inactive, or the level difference makes a common plan very difficult. Time availability is another problem here.

About the Mentor tokens requested by the Xmas event, I prefered waiting in adjusted level 20 rather than selfishly attemping to "hunt" some new players around for the task. Luckily, two of them sent group invitation, and we were doing larva-runs and chatting some combat tips out. It was a relaxing run session, it felt nice. After that one, a Tofu-run followed, with another new player joining. And man, I would have prefered staying only with the other two... As things started to go badly in the boss room due to the hard hits and some brainfarts and bad moves, he started to label us as an useless team. Man, one surely doesn't want to spend time like that. The run was aborted after we all kicked the bucket there, and possibly it was for the best. The items adquired with Mentor tokens might not seem attractive enough for the employed time.

"Selfish" is a bit of a relative word here, as not helping new players for doing your own stuff instead is selfish, but having them forcing you to "help" them (or taxi/powerlevel them, in the worst case of a new player type) over your own plans is also selfish. Life is not easy here... sad

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Inventory isn't thing for me. I generally find out what the newer player needs and give them my share of the loot.  I'm also not too concerned about lvling up further in a hurry. It'll come.

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I'm not so sure about the initial cause for such behavior. I've been a GM once upon a time and kept lvling and supporting newbies we've been getting (also recruiting while helping). Guild isn't a very strong instance in Wakfu, imo. Most of the people I've helped to either moved to other endgame guilds or stopped playing over time. People probably don't really mind helping new players, but as it was mentioned before - motivation for that is low (little to no rewards, aside from the feeling that you're helping), also always the possibility that new player going to add you to fl and expect you to help them lvl to 200 (and bombarding you with begs, that also happens albeit rarely). Even worse if that's a new impatient guildie who always wants to leave because no one is free to help right this moment.

As a following matter - it's hard to practically become friends with newbies, since it's a rare case that you meet some newbie, help them catch up to your lvl and further on you both are doing different stuff together as friends and equals (it takes a lot of time and luck, they mostly drop off somewhere near lvl 130-140 or start a new class and need to lvl anew), and if you really like that newbie you'll feel trapped in "should help till the lvl xxx so we can also do stuff I need/want together". Supposedly, ALS was added to unite oldies with newbies, but newbies are hardly geared/skilled for running s30-50, so it's all the same people running together (with pages, sets and shared goals).

Not to mention that Wakfu atm is encouraging tightly knit groups of friends/guildies who're doing everything together (for more coordinated strategies and reliability, especially for endgame dungeons or something with any hard mechanics, PUG is most definitely a no and there's not really a hub anywhere anymore that'd explain strategies and mechanics for people who aren't familiar with those dungeons or don't have a group yet to teach them; Wakfu dungeon knowledge is mostly being passed mainly from players to players right in the game).
Additionally, the game is encouraging using multibox/heroes (so this is also limiting free slots in the team despite most drops being meh after craft revamp), and in the end some people may also be bothered with their booster/heroes time - when you're thinking about money you've spent you want to do stuff for yourself (be it dungeoning or farming mats) so helping strangers who probably won't be your friend and aren't guildmates becomes a lesser priority and helping is dependant on your mood.

All in all, it's pretty complicated, the problem is true and it's not only about people being too selfish.

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You don't become friend of a new player by just leveling up him. Or worse, a level boost may even prevent a friendship...because most of the players will just disappear. Than the best way to 'fuel' a good reationship is sharing the fun, and sometimes being of help with a simple suggestion, rather than doing everything the othe ones ask as if it were a job.

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Not looking for friendship as a payback. I just do what I feel is the right thing. It's also a nice change from just roaming around killing things.

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The other half of the coin is how a lot of newer players want to rush levels as much as some of the high levels you mention. I've seen way more people asking for power level from higher levels (140-ish seeking group for crocs, for example) than people asking for a genuine enjoyable experience for all parts involved.

Also there's the fact that in a game, everyone should be allowed fun. A lot of the time, running dungeons (that for people with limited game time do take away a considerable chunk of it, specially since no dungeon in this game is to be ran only once for anything substantial) aren't rewarding at all for people outside of their level range. I'm 200, and running Xelorium doesn't give me anything (no experience, no interesting drops, no fun since I don't particularly enjoy it and nothing useful outside of stasis levels which are impossible with newbies and pubs) so I think asking for people to waste their game time only to drop one or two things, or to advance maybe half a level is quite selfish as well.

I do agree with OP in terms of like... explaining basic mechanics or stuff like that, since it mostly would take 5 minutes for anyone that knows the stuff they're being asked about. But I think that investing a lot of time on other people's growth is pretty unrewarding in this game, specially since most of the time running a dungeon does... mostly nothing. Maybe you're lucky and drop a Solomonk frag or something like that. People would rather go to a place where they can get powerleveled.

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1vent|2018-12-27 14:38:34
Not looking for friendship as a payback. I just do what I feel is the right thing. It's also a nice change from just roaming around killing things.

...i agree with you. Well, as far as my little -yet dealyed in time- experience suggest, the best thing doing things as you say. About special items, the best thing is token them, while tokens can be gained in many i see no real limit
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