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Eternal Sword - Explanation of the state Eternity

By LarryKubiak#1173 - MEMBER - December 20, 2018, 02:58:35

Hi, can you explain the state Eternity (lvl1) of Eternal Sword? That says:

At the start of each of the state bearer's they gain (per element):
-400 for a hit received or +400 for each attack inflicted (1xturn)

1) -400 only for 1 hit received in that turn (walls, poisons, etc.)? or next turn -400 for a ONE hit received?
2) +400 only for 1 attack inflicted in that turn, only ONE? or +400 for a 1 water attak, +400 for a 1 fire attak, +400 for a 1 air attack, etc.?

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Not too sure as we haven't seen the sword in action yet.
but I have a feeling the buff will trigger once per turn but will stack the next turn. ( ? ) or will only be for that turn.

Just going on a assumption here; so if you take damage before your turn you will lose 400 mastery in all elements but if you attack first you will gain 400 mastery. 

It is hard to say though as we haven't seen it in combat. 
I feel the buff would have to really be worth the time and effort to craft as well since apart from the ap, it has nothing else going for it in terms of stats. 

I was wrongggg~ 
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To the eternity word:
You get 1 stat per element, like charges per turn (not stacking), if you cast a spell of earth, you will consume the earth charge and you get a flat 400 damage added to your earth spell (probably non reducable), if you keep an elemental charge until your end of turn, if an enemy hit you in an element of that specific charge, the charge get consumed and damage get reduced by -400

Obtained from discord : Thanks to Genn

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wait so its the ultimate sword for 4 element hupper? you jsut hit every round with all 4 elements  and every attack gets +400 flat damage?

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