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Neighbourhood Watch (Environmental Quests)

By addaaa - MEMBER - December 14, 2018, 14:33:36

I will be scouting Sufokia region for Environmental quests that I haven't finish but higher lvl collaborative ones are a bit hard for me to solo
Therefore if anyone who want to check those out as well, please leave your character name (the one you are most likely to see calls on chat)
Since the achievements offer somewhat cool prices I believe there will be at least a few volunteers
Today and in the weekend I will mainly target to get the achievements around the new dungeon in Sufokia mines

Few things if you want me to call you:
-I am looking for speed soo I wont go in party because my connection isn't that good and I may cause lag and waste time ... so if you apply please be sure you can gather a team
-If you apply i will contact you so i can add you to friend list so when the quest start i will sennd a quick msg something like "hordes near remington dg 20+" - meaning that the quest has started and roughtly how much time has left
- You dont have to respond back to my msg. If it get annoying just say "Remove me" and i will remove the tag from the contacts and i wont bother you

Main Targets:
-Hordes of thieves
-Collaborative mob quest - those are easy but theit mechanic drag the battle too long
-Invasion quest - if we get lucky

If anyone wants to scout other regions feel free to pm me if there is enough time to manage the quest of course...
Char that I will deffenetly respond: Shpeka

PS: if you join Hordes quest and you have defeated 1 group and took you awhile then dont start second. i mean if it takes you 10 mins to kill the group and there are only 5 mins left it will fail for all that participate.

I usually play after 6:00 PM server time

If this experiment turns out ok I will organize same thing for other areas

Server: Remington

As always sorry for my english and i hope we can gather about 3-4 groups.

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Can you include what server are you?

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Good point:

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