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Sokay? Back From The Grave? And Guard Post Change

By 1vent - MEMBER - December 13, 2018, 23:39:54

So, I'm testing a new character and I get a prompt to see Sokay about reincarnation. No idea where to go, and is this the cat form about 3 years back?

Also how do we get lights? Light of Love used to be in the guard posts, but no more.

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Sokay was an NPC in incarnam, for incarnation just ask otomai.

No clue where FoL is now since the nations just got changed

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I wondered, as I was both a big fan of the character from before the Incarnam revamp, and as (though it prompts me to look for him) he didn't show up anywhere. Thanks. Presumably an oversight in the programming.

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