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New nations chest locations

By biscuit999#7883 - MEMBER - December 11, 2018, 12:13:16
I compiled a list of some of the new chest locations for each nation, i ran out of time and didnt get to complete it though. Feel free to leave comments with any places i missed.


-1,3 - thumbs emote
7,-6 - Scissors emote - entrance at 6,-4
4,2 - Harp emote - entrance at 3,2
0,0 - SEWERS - search emote
0,0 - MINES - show booger emote

-6,4 - MINES - Be an alchemist emote
-2,3 - MINES -think emote

6,-2 - jumpin jack gaps chest
8,1 - jumpin jack gaps chest
3,-6 - Ecaflip Paws
5,-5 - time rift
6,2 - time rift
6,3 - royal bow beacon
4,1 - IDS chest
-4,1 - excarnal scepter chest
-5,-1 - excernal scepter chest


0,3 - kerubs house - paper emote
0, -2 - house - Be Cold emote
Inside gobball stadium entrance - top right - heads or tails emote
0,-1 - inside the tavern - present your wares emote
0,-3- balcony of the house - be cold emote
1,3 - cover your eyes emote
2,0 - sniff emote
6,-2 - balcony of a house -agree emote
-4,7 - by stritch dungeon, go through the kara's cave home on the bottom right - loyalty emote

-1,1 - plead emote
-4,7 - loyalty emote - first enter through -4,6
6,-2 - agree emote
-1,1 - SEWERS - plead emote

3,7 - Jumpin Jack Gaps chest
8,1 - jumpin jack gaps
3,5 - royal bow beacon
5,0 - cave - royal bow beacon
5,3 - excarnal scepter
-2,5 - excarnal scepter
5,-1 - cave - IDS
10,3 - time rift
0,8 - time rift
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First Ankama intervention

Hey everyone,

Thank you for this guide, it is so nice to see players working together to help others! I'll pin this post. happy

See message in context
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Thank you first for the effort!!!

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0,7 - confession emote
-1,-8 - beg emote
-0,-4 - wind emote
1,2 - diarrhea emote
-2,-4 -cover your ears emote
0,1 - Fever emote, behind the entrance of a house that is behind the zapp
3,-1-sleep standing up emote, on the second floor of the wall of the capitol
-1,-8 - beg emote down the stairs from the exit to the Crackler dungeon
0,7 - confession emote, in the hull of the Riktus ship
SEWERS - Call a Bow Meow emote at the intersection for the haven worlds
-5,-2 - MINES - ask for help emote

3,5 - royal bow beacon
1,-7 - cave entrance - royal bow beacon
3,3 - IDS
3,-5 - IDS - needs eca paws to reach
2,-7 - jumpin jack gaps
3,2 - Excarnal scepter barrier - needs jumpin jack gaps to reach 


0,-8 - boo emote

1,-13 - basement exit of the house - cough emote
-3,-9 - MINES - shake head emote

6,-1 - royal bow beacon
11,-5 - IDS
4,-6 - IDS
3,-2 - IDS
7,-9 - excarnal scepter
3,-5 - cave entrance - excarnal scepter
2,-9 - jumpin jack gaps
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There's a chest out to sea (almost at the edge of map) at the south-east corner of Bonta. You need to swim there. Don't know what it contained, it's one that I have already collected.

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There is a house and boat somewhere west-south area after swimming in Amakna, the house under the cloud has a unique door ask for "passcode" to enter? Anyone have any idea?

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i read that before it's 0000000? let me try find the article and post it here

oh lol you already in there

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Nice, i appreciate that smile

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Hey everyone,

Thank you for this guide, it is so nice to see players working together to help others! I'll pin this post. happy

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Found a bunch of emotes for Amakna, included coordinates and a description of location

Amakna Capital:

  • Diarrhea x=1 y=2 second floor of house next to wall
  • Wind x=0 y=4 on the dock
  • Cover Your Ears x=2 y=4 behind a tomb in the graveyard
  • Fever x=0 y=1 behind the entrance of a house that is behind the zapp

Amakna Sewers:
  • Call a Bow Meow at the intersection for the haven worlds

Singing Fields:
  • Sleep Standing Up x=3 y=-1 on the second floor of the wall of the capitol, above the large bread oven

Emelka Forest:
  • Beg x=-1 y=-8 down the stairs from the exit to the Crackler dungeon, in a small stone camp site looking thing

Riktus Plain:
  • Confession x=0 y=7 in the hull of the Riktus ship

Mines Depths:
  • Ask for Help x=-5 y=-2 next to the end of the track near the fissure
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Awesome work! Thankyou so much, added them to the list

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Lots of IDS location is wrong, mostly are Xelor Sandglasses.

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Which ones specifically? I do get those two mixed up quite often xD

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Bonta, house x=0, y=-2 Cold.

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ty added to the list smile

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Here are all the emotes I found in Bonta


Heads or Tails inside the stadium, north east corner

Present Your Wares inside the tavern, behind the bar

Be Cold x=0 y=-3 on the balcony of the house right before the peer

Paper inside Kerubim's house

Cover Your Eyes x=1 y=3 near the little dock that is before the Feca temple

Sniff x=2 y=0 near a small doc, close to Nina Richa

Thicket of Yurbut:

Agree x=6 y=-2 on the balcony of the house next to the bridge into the capitol


Loyalty x=-4 y=7 next to stritch dungeon, go through the kara's cave home on the bottom right


Plead x=-1 y=1 behind some wood planks, opposite the entrance to the political quarter

Kinda unrelated but it looks like each nation now has 9 emotes and some are different from what they had before (pre-nations revamp Bonta didn't have the be cold emote for example) so for people looking for emotes; if you find 9 in a nation but they don't all match up with the ones that used to be there that seems to be normal. Also apologies if the descriptions aren't super detailed, I will fix them in the future.


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Firstly thanks for the descriptions. Then, nope, the Cold emote is use to able obtain in Bonta once upon a time, then become unavailable after some update that the portal not wrap you to the room so is buggy. Now new nation just let the emote chest laying around without the secret room anymore, therefore much easier for Emote-Hunting I guess. 

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In Bonta there is an excarnal scepter's treasure in (-2,5). There is an other excarnal scepter's treasure in Sufokia at (-5,-1).

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ty, appreciate it. Added them to the list

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its the encourage emote that you need to swim out for at bonta. also i dunno if its typed twice by mistake or im too dumb to find it but wheres is that 0,-2 cold emote? i found the be cold emote but not the plain cold . is there any even and if yes where ?

brakmar cover your mouth 2,-3

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ah sorry the cold emote was the 'be cold' emote. Fixed it now.

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I hope bumping this is okay given that it's pinned and useful.

I'm having some trouble finding the emotes in Amakna at 0,4 and 2,4 (what graveyard or dock are in that area?)

In other news I eventually gave up and figured you meant a different nation since Sufokia has a dock at 0,4 and found the tickle emote in the Sufokia Inn at the same coordinates (0,4)

cover ears is in Amakna at -2, -4
ask for help
is in Amakna at -5, -2 (in the MINES)

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Thanks for pointing this out, has now been fixed and also added the ask for help chest

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have the chest locations changed already recently or something? i tried to look for the ones listed to be in sufokia and couldn't actually find any of them. i found "calm down" emote tho which isn't listed to sufokia ones ohmy
idk maybe i just went to wrong places somehow xd

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Are you sure you're in the right spot? When looking for them make sure your cursor if hovering over your player icon, the x/y position depends on your cursor location on the map rather than your player icon. Also the co-ordinate system is quite large so you could be several cells off but it still says the correct co-ordinate.

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I've been going around looking for a few emotes and since I found some in Brakmar I thought I'd point them out here...however I haven't been able to figure out how to find the coordinates for the locations so I'll try to give a description for where I found them. Also stumbled over a treasure though I wasn't able to get to it, since it requires an Excarnal Barrier to be passed, roughly north of the Abandoned Scarapit dungeon. It's probably listed in here though.

Reminder, those emotes are the ones I found while searching for some in Brakmar... no coordinates because I have not found a way to find them, more so because I don't really have a reference point from which to start.
Be Hot - found this emote more or less towards the bottom far left of the Brakmar capital, in a dock with two ships
Brandish a weapon - found it in the Brakmar Prsion, not far from the entrance
Slap on the back - found in Brakmar Tavern, on the ground floor in line with the entrance at the far back at a wall, if I remember correctly... either way I'm relatively certain it's in the Tavern which seems to be marked on the map
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I can't find Brakma prison, where about is it in town?

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if I may, the kama chest in Bonta (close to the entrance of the Dragon pig) have one of the most BEAUTIFUL soundtracks of the game, I even posted it on youtube:

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Athannis|2019-01-13 10:01:53
its the encourage emote that you need to swim out for at bonta.

Do you have any more information on where to find this, coordinates at least? I slacked off on the zinit quest and thought I was behind but it seems not because after catching up I got stuck on the sunken temple puzzle. After finding a guide it seems you need the encourage emote which I currently lack which means you need to be level 90 to be able to swim to acquire an emote for a quest that requires level 45.

It's a bit strange but thankfully I recently hit the appropriate level and now I just need to get the appropriate item to allow for swimming in order to then get the appropriate emote with further information provided.

Better late than never I suppose.

Kait-Diaz|2019-03-26 09:55:57
You can find all the emotes needed for that quest in Incarnam and Astrub. There should be guides for them on YouTube, at least for Incarnam there is one with the current version of its map.

I have the majority of those emotes but the wikia is dead, methodwakfu links all 404, the english version is broken, and that pretty much leaves what you can dig up on youtube in foreign languages or find yourself. The only walkthrough as a result was in french and I saw the guy use both clap and encourage. Apparently it was indeed clap but for some reason clap didn't work for me, even after getting encourage and trying it again, it spawned enemies on me the first time, so I'm stumped.

In any case, encourage is in bonta and requires you have the luminescent amulet so you can swim, it's way off at 11, 11 or 12, 12 near the corner of the map. There's a couple areas you can swim from in Thicket of Yurbut and Cania plains both such as near the dungeon on the western coast of Yurbut or just across the bridge into Cania on the west side.

Encourage emote, 12, 12 (requires level 90 + swim ability)
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You can find all the emotes needed for that quest in Incarnam and Astrub. There should be guides for them on YouTube, at least for Incarnam there is one with the current version of its map.

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I have problems finding "sleep standing up" emote in amakna. I don't know how to enter second floor of the walls. Or maybe I'm already here but I can't see any chest...

EDIT: I got it, it was in the wall at 3, -1 not 3,1

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thanks fay, have updated the mistake

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