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I cant choose..

By RagingWolves - MEMBER - November 16, 2018, 19:52:53


Im having a hard time to choose, if i should play Wakfu or dofus. I really like both mmos very much and i do have a lot of memories and nostalgia with it. But after i start playing Dofus, after 3 days i just want to play Wakfu. Its crazy i know, but sadly thats my personality. (Like being unsure what class to choose, lol kinda embarassing...) :/ I really like to play Osa in wakfu more than in dofus, but people keep telling its a dead game and wont be good in the future like dofus.. 

It would be nice to hear some same experiences from other people and how you dealt with this problem. :/

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I don't know man, I like wakfu since I started to play a year ago. I had a lot of work finding out how to do stuffs, but it was kinda fun (almost time).

Although the personal "taste", play wakfu show many problems: outdated information, lack descriptions, mechanics not explained, a lot of bugs, revamp in your class and a lot of "I can't log in" and "I was @$#%#ing logged out during a battle" and "Why I can't click this $#(#$& spot/monster/resource". 

But, Ankama try to fix the most problems, make such interesting updates, make revamps (yes, it's nice and hateful at same time) and listen (not every time, as I saw) the players.

Anyway I like to play wakfu, cause it's fun (when problems bugs and stuff don't destroy your entertainment), there many amazing classes and styles to play with then. You can make friends, found nice people and don't expense big money.

I hope wakfu someday become bugles (Ow gods, I wish) and easily playable (alone as are in a group). 

So came to wakfu, have some fun and playing your "own' game.

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you can play both...the game is not dead, try figure out which one is the best for you and keep playing that. One thing, i have the feeling wakfu is less mid-levels oriented than dofus. Just this

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Thank you for the replies.
its true it has something that makes this mmo interesting and fun, but as Egon said it does have outdated informations etc.. Sometimes i do feel that ankama doesnt really care much in wakfu as in dofus, just because it has a much lower playerbase.
Im not the only one who says this, but this game has a HUGE potential to become even better. I will try and think which game i should mainly focus on.  smile

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I used to be in the same dilemma as you, I just couldn't play both games at the same time since they are both time consuming and need investment, but once I leveled up level 200 and achieved all my goals in Dofus, I came back to Wakfu and now I'm playing both, since now in Dofus I do only PvP so it's not that time consuming, you can do both, you just need to fix goals for each game

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dofus = pvp, wakfu = loliness
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