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El Howin Mummies

By 1vent - MEMBER - October 26, 2018, 20:36:36

Er, what exactly IS the point of these? Other than giving up bits of wrapping when you kill them. The first time I encountered these several years back, I had hopes that they'd count toward, say, ghoul kills. Or maybe there would be a great, unexpected drop or title. Not really. Probably the weak spot in the event.

They are a cute touch to the scenery, merrily ambling along in hopes of encountering an unsuspecting quester, but there's not  whole lot of incentive to kill them when other kills gain titles, etc. Might be better if you made them a part of a dungeon, showing up unexpectedly in one of the rooms. Or, alternately, open a special creature dungeon for the event. Possibly an abandoned shaft in the mines beneath Astrub's mountains?

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Their consumable drop cures the "de darm" death malus.

That CAN be pretty useful on the one hand and completely useless on the other ....

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