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How do you create/buy a Haven World now?

By Frost-Byte#7239 - MEMBER - October 22, 2018, 17:44:14
I apologize if this has already been asked but I couldn't find an answer on the forums.
I just wanted to know now that Haven Worlds have been changed, how do I now acquire a Haven World?

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Haven world access and management are now done through the banks- there's one in each nation's outpost, one in Astrub, and possibly a few more I'm not familiar with.
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Access to Haven Worlds have been updated. A new interface now allows you to view and enter all Haven Worlds in the World of Twelve.

Each Nation now has a Haven World registry, available at these locations
  • Neutral: Astrub Bank
  • Amakna: Crusty Road Bank
  • Bonta: 5th Bond Avenue Bank
  • Brâkmar: Martial Path Bank
  • Sufokia: Gutted Plaza Bank
  • Riktus: Riktus Outpost

it's not about the guild's nation or the location of the previous door, but about your character's citizenship.

To earn a Haven World, your guild needs to be level 5 if I remember correctly, and as far as I know we have to wait for the opening of auctions. The thing is, normally we'd have an auction in June/July, but we didn't have any yet this year, so maybe they'll change that. Meanwhile there is no way to get a new haven world.
I precise that it's forbidden for someone to sell their guild and haven world.
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