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By NoxIsAGoodDad - MEMBER - October 21, 2018, 04:02:47

As I am a lonely boy with no friends, I play with my two other characters,  my heroes, by my side. But what I'd really like is the ability to fight with six heroes at the same time. Most dungeons are based on the six person team.. However I only have... Three. Me, myself, and I. I think I'd have a whole lot more fun with a whole team on my side.  If you're looking for financial gain, you could put it alongside the god booster. I'm sorry if I'm being a bother but.. I'd really like to be able to do that.

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How about using 2 account with 3 characters each? Or just find another player who also uses 3 character. I support multi-character system, but I personally think that half of a team is enough. Although having a full team is the best, I feel it would be too much luxury.

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The idea is to avoid being able to clear same-level dungeons entirely solo, I think- if you could run all six characters be just you would be a pretty big nail in the multiplayer's coffin. While you can still multibox for it, the extra effort (and money) required makes it less popular.

You can also look for a guild that runs dungeons regularly, a lot of them are pretty aggressive in their recruiting.

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Players played 6 accounts before hero, now playing 2 accounts with hero. This never stop solo clears. So its not bad idea to allow 6 hero with god booster for example, its quality of life thing, nothing more. So i can leave only my steam acc. And if ankama do it, i hope they add more maximum character slots per account, i dont understand why they limited at all. There is a lot of classes and only 8 slots.

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