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If they added more battlefields, what would they be about?

By cody5 - MEMBER - October 11, 2018, 20:12:44

We have 3 battlefields, 2 based on gods and one pure PvP.

Iop - Escort: Defeat monsters to get boxes with buffs, defeat or defend your boss monster
Eniripsa - Flowers: Collect or steal flowers, fight puzzle monsters to get buffs (and bonus points from the boss)

So if they add more battlefields based on the other gods, what kind of challenges could they have?

Feca - Herding: Battling creatures, if you kill them you collect them, have to bring them back to your base, but other players can steal them by defeating you
Xelor - Timekeeper: Hydrants spawn randomly in a maze, you get points for collecting them before they disappear
Osamodas - Ecosystem: The battlefield has an ecosystem, each team has one monster family, the higher the population the more points you get
Enutrof - Treasure hunt: There's buried treasure that grants points and you have to uses compasses to find it (like on calamar island), everyone has infinite shovels but compasses drop from pirates (or just dig blindly)
Sram - Hide and seek: One team hides trinkets around the map while the other team has to find them, the longer they are hidden the more points the hiders get, but each found gives points to the seekers (max 10 on the map at once)
Pandawa - Drinking competition?
Ecaflip - Somethign with gambling I guess?
Sacrier - ?
Sadida - ?
Cra - ?

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King of the hill:
There's 3 spots which are capturable
when you walk over that spot you automatically enter a battle
your team gets awarded a certain ammount of points per round and people alive on the point
the objective is to kick(kill) the opposing team out of the point and not get killed in the process, as it is a long battle of survival

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So as a Feca BF?

I don't think wakfu supports players joining battles on the fly tho, I guess it could work if it just gave points to the team with more players on the zone

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