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this game is so good, how come there aren't more players

By astrojar - MEMBER - October 07, 2018, 05:28:25

I'm so confused , the entire MMO community complains about not having a unique not pay-to-win game , and wakfu is right here staring into the abyss

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Cause it took too long to get that way.

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Maybe becouse of this:

This game realy playing good until you stuck at chain of bugs and meet  with support service. And yes it took years for wakfu to come for today state. For those years we got 2 weeks server rollback, a lot of item lost with month's of working with support for affected players(i dont even know they got items back or just give up and leave), RMT exploiters who ruined economic, paymant problems when players can't buy ogrines for years, game braking bugs, main quest bugs, some patches which  making game unplayble for weeks, etc.

Now player base its people who know how wakfu and ankama work and still playing. Thats why forum look calm most of the time. If Ankama will start advertising  company and attract  some good part of new players forum and support will drown in tickets and rage. And all newcomers will run away from here quite fast. I think they know it so dont do anything in this direction.

Look at link above this how it work with every bug, weeks of waiting and if you have personal bug so... bad to be you.

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I think most people, like me, gave up with the awful support service and quit back then, when the disappearing items bug was runnin' rampant.

I remember playing with a couple of guildies on the Wabbit dungeon and being so happy when the final boss dropped a Wa Wabbit Cwown for me! Extremely rare drop! I was so happy and couldn't wait to equip it up...I go and double click on the item...and it just disappears; Relogging didn't help, so I went for a support ticket with an attached log:

It took them more than a whole week to respond with useless stuff like "Did you check in your bags?"..."Are you sure you had this item?" Or even worse..."Do you have proof with screenshots that you really had the item?" Well, of course I had a screenshot right? Who doesn't just randomly screenshot their equips in fear that they'll just randomly disappear (the disappearing item bug wasn't that widespread/well-known yet)...but I thought that information would be on the log I sent them (that they probably didn't check or doesn't have any useful info in it)...maybe something that said: "X player dropped Y item, X player equipped Y item, Y item disappeared"...

So yea, after a long struggle over a whole month, I gave up when they basically told me "We can't do anything about it, we can't give back your item because we don't have the technology, sorry"...without giving me anything as compensation either (They usually give you your 3rd or 4th infernal costume...for how many times they fudge stuff up and think a free costume will solve everything).
Remember how they "solved" the issue for the people who lost their master crafting emblem/ring from the same bug? You had to re-purchase it for an absurd amount of kamas from an NPC...

Mix all that with the poor state of the game in general with it being heavily pay2win, and you'll just scare most of the people away.
Steam release is proof that the issue with the game is not the low playercount or even advertising (even though it is quite an issue, but a minor one compared to the others imo), because during that period the game was doing great on that department...yet they didn't retain even 80% of those players (And the game itself wasn't even in such a bad state at the time...we had no ALS yet).

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The game is great. However I think there needs to be a decision made by the devs on exactly what pay model they want pursue. Right now the game is F2P but high level content is an absolute grind without boosters and heroes. It is the main reason why I quit playing at lvl 180ish on Moon Island: My 3 month sub ran out and I couldn't go back to playing with a single char and sidekicks. As a new player this probably doesn't affect you but in time it will.

So what is the solution? I don't know. I bounced around the idea on Reddit of having 2 heroes baseline for everyone. People with the heroes booster would then get an additional 2 (or 3) heroes on top of that. That way F2P players are able to survive lategame more easily but still require teaming up/socialising to do dungeons. The downside of course is that sub players would basically have a full team all by themselves but it's  not like multiboxers don't already do that. 

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Wakfu still has a lot of bugs to go through. Then there's issues related to the lvling system, the game being a p2p/f2p hybrid and Ankama apparently not willing to make a decision anytime soon, lack of advertising, but that only wouldn't solve much itself - remember what happened when they released the game on Steam?...
Oh, and the graphics. Try to show a few screenshots from the game to your friends playing other MMOs. Mine were all "wtf did they just get out of Chernobyl lol" because the game looked horrible to them. That is really important, considering how much people are willing to spend on looks and cool stuff for their chars, or simply how someone's drawn to a visually appealing product.
Removing the invasive pop-ups asking you to sub would also help, you know? 
Or maybe filling endgame maps with easter-eggs, instead of only spreading them across nations, since that is not where most of active players spend their time. 
Getting the random group finder to actually be usable or at least WORK may be appreciated, too. 

tl;dr: too many reasons, but mostly bad choices from ankama and bugs still affect the gameplay considerably.

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I love the graphics but most screenshots don't seem to do the game justice. Even worse is that all the top Google images are terrible screenshots taken from years ago.sad


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It's not an mmorpg basically, that answers the question. They try everything but to make it an mmorpg. There is no system for allowing your one class to be all 3 roles, if you choose the wrong class and can't do the role the group/dungeon requires good luck to you.

Only a few people have the patience/motivation to level alts. Most people play an mmorpg to be one class and enjoy that. That's why astrub is actually friendly and a bit fun because no matter what class you choose the content isn't forcing you to need healers/tanks, etc.

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I don't think needing the right composition for high end dungeons is only a wakfu thing. I would asume most games require thought out strats and classes to beat difficult bosses. 

It's rather the ppl who stick to the working strat and don't want to pick up different compositons to try and figure out new strats which are totally possible in this game.

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miiitan|2018-10-07 18:17:38
I don't think needing the right composition for high end dungeons is only a wakfu thing. I would asume most games require thought out strats and classes to beat difficult bosses. 

It's rather the ppl who stick to the working strat and don't want to pick up different compositons to try and figure out new strats which are totally possible in this game.

Now apply that for example in hagen daz dungeon where if u don't have push/pull spells u can't do it, so at your point class mechanics are the same, everyone can do the same?

Well, one word Osamodas, they can adapt to any requirement due they can summon different type of monsters but we aren't all Osamodas, we don't have their ability to adapt to any circumstance, but yeah we can do "most" of the content but not all, besides party's are mostly dead, finding one is more rare than droping an epic.

Besides in other games theres always  many ways to do hard bosses meanwhile here in wakfu you got few like 1 or 2 ways, if you count a 3rd one or the boss isn't that hard or you got damn lucky the boss AI didn't decide to nuke you.

PS: I used osamodas has exemple but theres many more like Fecas, Enis.
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miiitan|2018-10-07 22:17:38
I don't think needing the right composition for high end dungeons is only a wakfu thing. I would asume most games require thought out strats and classes to beat difficult bosses. 

It's rather the ppl who stick to the working strat and don't want to pick up different compositons to try and figure out new strats which are totally possible in this game.

This isn't true, the big dogs on the genre don't actually have such structured mechanics. A matter a fact, a lot of the games I play I could just straight clear the game with what ever team, of course there are more efficient teams, doesn't make the game easy. But Wakfu would have so many different mechanics to just say "Nope, you're melee". Mobs can have unique abilties while not being annoying. For example, you can only hit this guy linear... Why? or You may only hit this guy with single target... why? Instead of playing with maps which would  be a lot more interesting than mob mechanics, the game chooses to give us these mechanics that force cheese strats. Feca works because it has a bunch of cheese mechanics, like stablize immunity. Works everytime. Teleport works on every mob. But Kachamrak nope, why? Because there's a lazy design everywhere. (Why is double's fear still 1-3, like come on), then there is immunity states, IMO it's the most pathetic design concept on bosses. If it was on a few it would be okay. But like this is just weak and lazy. Also a big reason class balance is so iffy. 

Anyways, the big boy bugs that made the game close to unplayable are gone '[(Item disappearing, unable to log in, No relog system,  and desynced ap/mp between client and server(Kinda)). When I play this game and I'm subbed right now because that double up in august, I realised something, the path the game took isn't particularly fun. Because how the game is structured, a RNG drop system worked well, they honestly should have run with it. But updating the game to a profession based system turn to a really grindy mess because the game wasn't set up for it. There's no ease to upgrading your equipment. You collect all the stuff and upgrade your gear one by one. It's a chore. The game used to feel like it had potential Now it feels like this is the game, there's no features I believe that can bring the game back to that state.

​​​​P.S I have no problem with roles like above, I think they find their place here. I do have problems with the dungeons. I believe Immunities for the most part have done more harm than good. Look at how inclusive Sram and Enurado is. I think that would be a nice focal point to design.
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