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Beginner Tips and Server Population

By Librarylover - MEMBER - September 11, 2018, 10:38:40

I'm just getting back in to the game after a while and I am starting as a beginner basically. I'm on Remington and the server seems rather quite? is the game still active, are there any guilds out there? any beginner tips for populated areas or servers to start on or active guilds?

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Join the remington's discord for more player support~

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What is the link to the discord channel

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For a sandbox game, it's nice we're offered different options.

Dungeon groups can hold up to 6 characters. Heros/sidekicks allow you to control up to 3 of those 6. So if you want a full group you'll need to find a way to fill the other three slots. Maybe 3 other players, maybe one other player or you could possibly dual box. There definitely are possibilities to be social, if you're not some bitter grouch.

You definitely have options, which is always a good thing in a sandbox game. 

And if someone is so passionate about this game that they're supporting it by paying for two monthly subscriptions, every month. That's their choice. 

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