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What if Wakfu had a different turn system?

By iiNoted#2290 - MEMBER - September 10, 2018, 22:51:54

Today as I was on my way to work, an idea hit me, what if Wakfu had a turn system like the game "The Banner Saga", in which every player/enemy has a turn one after the other.

For those that have yet to play that awesome saga it all boils down to, say your allied team is made up of 3 members and the enemy team is made of 6 members, the turns would be something like this:

  • First Ally
  • First enemy
  • Second ally
  • Second enemy
  • Third ally
  • Third enemy
  • First ally
  • Fourth enemy
  • Second ally
  • Fifth enemy
  • Third ally
  • Sixth enemy

As you can see the team with the least numbers get to have double turns, thus balancing the fight and opening the possibilities to a lot of new team compositions, without the absolute necessity of a 6 man team.

What do you guys think?
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Probably a tad "unfair" since people turns are "worth" more than monster turns.

Personally I would already be happy if the turn order would be based on the ACTUAL ini values.... instead of that weird Ally-Enemy-Ally-Enemy-etc order.
Also, having the Xelors ini reduction having an actual effect again would be nice...

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Yeah I know right, there's so many options for initiative mechanics and all it's used for is to see what team goes first.

But yeah the original idea is terrible because you would just go solo and have 6 turns per turn.

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I think that the most awful thing about Banner Saga was exactly the turn system. You needed to keep enemies alive because the last one would get crazy amount of turns. Imagine fighting a boss which has a turn for each player.

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But like in banner saga you can't have one member in either team one turn after the other, only when there are 2 or more does this trigger. Also in the banner saga it has more impact because the HP is also the damage you do, in Wakfu is not the case.

I think it would help for people that don't find others to do dungeons without needing to fill a 6 man team.

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