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Mimisymbic doubts

By Seishin-Hermy - MEMBER - August 14, 2018, 02:07:29

Alright, so here goes: I want one of my alts to wear the Adal costume, but I also want him to wear the factory worker goggles once I obtain them. If I transfer the goggles' appearance to the costume, will it display them INSTEAD of the costume or together with it? If I symbic the appearance into a normal equipped helmet, does that display the goggles or will the costume still hide them? Is there some way I can achieve this combined look?

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Costumes have priority over equipment. If they "overrid" some piece of equipment, it will do the same with a mimisymbified piece of equipment in that slot. If they do not have certain part of the equipment slot, it will use the equipped item instead.

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Thanks, but I still wonder what happens when a headgear is mimisymbified over a costume that hides headgear below it. As in, I was hopeful it would add the headgear's look to the costume, but it probably replaces the costume's looks with just the headgear's look and makes the rest transparent (therefore showing gear below). I really want to add those goggles to the costume...

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