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How do I acquire Snoofle and/or Noxine Pets?

By SgtBalancedBoi - MEMBER - July 07, 2018, 14:38:31

I see (what appears to be outdated) information about aquiring snoofle after 3 months of subscription. But that seems to imply that you earned the pet under the old subscription system. Does 3 months of booster still get you this pet?

And I have nothing on Noxine. Any ideas?

Additionally, do any experienced players know how much they generally go for (On Remington)? If anyone is willing to sell let me know.

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snoofle you can gamble in one of those special boxes sold in the shop(they are quite expensive), be sure to check what are the possible rewards before buying the box there is only two that have the snoofle.

Noxine if I remember was a special promotion in the past you can only buy it in game from other players now.

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You can get a snoofle in game from the market for price range from 1.5 to 2 mil K.
Noxine is a bit more expensive (3-7Mil) than that but it can be found in the market as well.

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