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Best memories you have of this game?

By deathlols#4687 - MEMBER - July 06, 2018, 22:32:10

It's been a long time since I last played Wakfu, but boy does it leave an impression on you. For me, it was the simple act of walking across all of Sufokia (If I remember the name correctly) hearing the subtle change in the music. I personally think this game has a beautiful soundtrack to it that sometimes goes unappreciated. 

What are your best memories that you have of this game? 

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Exploring nations (particularly Sufokia) for the first time is up there. Besides that would be spamming Royal Crab for ages with my first guild to try and get Imperial Crab gear (the same day I got the helmet, the gear revamp hit and turned it into garbage). I think some of the most fun I had though was soloing Crobaks on old Kelba with a pre-deck Fire/Earth fogger. The combination of being able to block them from reaching you with MP blockades and the Overheat bonus turning the fire spells into weapons of mass destruction was incredible.

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Making friends

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the solidariety and grouping with absolutely random people at puddy dungeon to lvl up.
it didnt matter if you were lvl 11 osa, someone would always invite you to the party.
Also iv never ever ever seen that golden api or known anybody who has.

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Pssst, KentTheFourth, I've seen the Golden Api, I've held it in my hands, I had it in my inventory for about a month and then I ATE it!! OMG it was the fruitiest, most scrumptious and juicy Api i have ever tasted in my entire wakfulian life, no kidding. I can tell you the secret of how to get it but not here...too public.

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Once upon a time a lv20 noob can just waltz into black wabbit dungeon.

​​​​​​Ankama: "oh no, it takes 12 days to powerlevel a fresh lv.1 new player to endgame, while costing us 4month to develop 3 days playtime worth of content..... Better add more grind!"

Ankama: "did i just saw a F2P patiently grind it's way from175 to 200?.....  Better add some sand paper so subscribers can feel special"

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Closed beta was so much fun,i miss it the most.

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Standing a top of bonta 5th avenue unchaining an pvp war that lead into multiple guilds disbanding, nation wars and a week of terror for all the bigger players... i rlly had a fun time messing up stuff and distorting politics :3

Standing a top of bonta 5th avenue unchaining an pvp war that lead into multiple guilds disbanding, nation wars and a week of terror for all the bigger players... i rlly had a fun time messing up stuff and distorting politics :3

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When I see another player plant a damn tree without me telling them to do so
When I woke up and see that no one have cute a tree in my area
Whenever I see alot of trees
When the Wakfu in an area is balanced but HA THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN 

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Nation raids when open world pvp still existed and the forced 6v6 nation battles were the most thrilling and fun for me. 

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Actually found people to run something with you

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if the game had a good group finder system everything could be better in this game

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watching my friend's jaw hit the floor back in moon golden age with my aoe pulsars in kanniball was my dearest memory

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Beta times, when there was nothing but two nations, endless law issues, trollers, rulers, wonderful ppl met randomly on the way- blooming as a real life friendships till now, times when my favorite monster was called "Boo" and Gemli pet (so called "Dot" today) was proudly getting a beautiful tan depending on your wakfu/stasis progress... And many, many more I could think about.

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Certainly, (sadly) Beta times.

1) Waiting for a (race) envi quest on kelba, cause it dropped a mat you needed for bigger bags, with at least 50 other people. Once the mob spawned, the quest was already over before i had enough time to even read the announcement.

2) Before the Kama drops from mobs, cannons WERE a favourite travel method. So, a guild mate was "stuck" in bonta and was a criminal there, hiding somewhere. And we were discussing in guildchat if anyone had MORE than 1 powder to get ovet to bonta, give him one and savely return to amakna with him. Pumpkins, the main incredient for Cannon powder were havily monopolized and "vanished" almost immediately after a server restock.

3) When "war" still included Clan member fights. I hid behind a building on the old Jelly Island (?) to join/defend King Jellu from an incoming raiding party without being agroed beforehand. (those boss fights were rad...missing them so much...)

4) Waiting and talking together with dozens of players on the beach of (old) Bilbiza for some Kraloves to spawn, to get ever so closer to that max level 100.

5) These beauties

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I'll split this response into the 3 main time's I've played wakfu:

the fondest moment i have from alpha was probably finding a team of like 4 people to take on a gobbal warchief because these things used to be super scary, and every osa wanted one/multiple. else it would be how every new player would run around in their undies because the class outfit used to be an item set you could take off.

during the beta the absolutely coolest thing to me was how EVERY part of each nation was populated, and how people actually used their haven bags to sell items reliably, it was amazing travelling from nation to nation, city to city, just to find someone selling the item you wanted for a decent price!

Recent times:
A person very dear to me decided to host a birthday event for me, all without me knowing, took me for a trip down memory lane, telling me of all the things we've done together while running through Amakna, only to end up at Emelka greeted by fireworks from like 40 people including community managers all wishing me a happy birthday, definitely had me in tears and is one of my fondest moments in-game.

Another similar event was when our guild actually acquired it's own haven world, we had like 50 people show up to defend, new players as well as returning old players all cheering us on and helping us defend and actually get our own haven world.

Nearly everything regarding the community is beautiful in this game, we would transform into bow meows and equip bow meow pets and have like 20 kittens  invade different nations outposts, or get a bunch of guildies to wave the guild flags around at popular places, and the beauty of it, other people from the community would always find it fun and partake!

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Being a lil newbie and discovering Trool Fair existed. 

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Goodness...i have a few, bare with me, this will be a long story
Back when i was just starting out on Dathura, there was a Masq who went by the name Kitt
i remember the first time myself, a Feca at the time, climbed the stairs to Almanax temple
It was a short walk but felt like a good 30minutes
We climbed to the top and i was met with dazzling auras, many people with different costumes and classes and gear

I remember the Dynast costumes were just awe inspiring to me back then
Not many people spoke English, with it being a french server and all, but Kitt spoke English well enough for us to play together

I remember the first time i hit shuuduku kingdom(probably spelled that wrong) and i met a xelor by the name La Betrsa, who helped me run my first attempt at whisper crisper
I still remember my jaw hitting the floor when they showed me you could skip right to the boss with the air wisp, they announced the teleport with a loud "TADA!!!"

And my first Nogord attempt, goodness what a failure that was, making the mistake of ending in line with the giant dragon, and casting peace armor to hopefully survive, only to realize i hadn't cast peace armor, i had cast immunity instead after swapping the spells around before the fight, i was quickly reduced to dust

When i started over on Remington, i remember spending absolutely ages just wandering around Astrub, selling iron and salt to people
I hit about level 30, and met a girl by the name of "one hit girl", an Iop who, to me, hit like a truck despite being lv170ish at the time

I solo levelled a lot of time as a feca, but occasionally gained help from friends, going on big leveling parties, whenever it was someones birthday in the guild there would be a get together with gathered fireworks and the guild flag emote, the guild leader "the bambi slayer" at the time would often host mini games at trool fair, it was all a new experience for me, Dathura had always been a bit more lonely because i didn't speak french

Later on id start using the huppermage spell weapon master, i remember first realizing that i, a feca, the TANK, could actually deal damage, i began practicing, finding the right combination of resistance and mastery, often pvping with players FAR beyond my level range, and sometimes even winning

Back then, pvp was more serious, if you pk'd a guild member, the guild would come after you, being pk'd was a crime to everyone, and Amakna would fight with riktus a lot of the time over it, perhaps a bit too serious at times

I still remember the times where i would find someone randomly on remmington, and simply get along with them, sitting by a river or lake, and just chat with them idly about the game
Wakfu does that well in my opinion, theres some many areas that are good for just sitting down and enjoying the atmosphere, Sadida kingdoms rivers, Astrubs houses, The taverns near Icy boowolves, the cliff sides in shuuduku, even the houses in Forfut

Nowadays, i treasure every memory, with each new face, each new friend all going through the grind that i also went through
I got a bit sappy in all this, but these are some of my favorite memories

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Looks like i met One hit girl before you :3 

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Begging groups to let me powerlevel with them at wild gobbals. Honestly it was just fun to talk with randoms while we let the mono earth cra do all the work xD

Fighting the gobbal archboss at the old incarnam.

Finding a permanent guild to call my home after hopping from guild to guild and watching them slowly become inactive.

Beating both flax and torm solo (well with heroes too) for the first time at around level 150, i felt so strong lol

Finally reaching level 200 after playing the game on and off for 6 years.

And many many more, but these are the fondest memories i have of the game.


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When I first started long ago, there was Kralove Island. That place was awesome! Don't have pictures unfortunately. 

When I ran one of the biggest guilds in Bonta on the Nox server, Stasis Warriors. I forgot how to post pictures on the forums. Haha

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Right now, baking for gear.

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